Yunnan Travel Guide: Zhaotong Natural Scenery

Wumeng Mountains

Stretching over several counties in northeastern Yunnan Province with the main part in Zhaotong City, the Wumeng Mountains are covered with natural forests and bamboo groves of several ten thousand hectares and reputed for its abundant fauna and flora resources. Flowers and azalea are all over the mountains blossoming successively to vie with each other for glamour, which is so beautiful that one simply can’t take them all in the periods of spring and summer. And in autumn, when the forest is tinted with red, yellow, green and blue, brazing with color; while in winter icy waterfalls and rime on trees are enveloped in clouds and mist, a magnificent and charming northern dreamland.

Wumeng Mountain

Dashanbao Black-Necked Crane National Nature Reserve

Black-necked crane is a rare endangered species of the world. Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve is situated in Dashanbao Township in Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong Municipality, with the elevation ranging from 2,215 meters to 3,364 meters. Thousands of black-necked cranes come to Dashanbao every October and stayed until the next April to live through the winter. So Zhaotong is one of the largest habitats in the world for black-necked cranes to survive winter, and it has also become an ecological tourist base for watching black-necked cranes.


Huanglian River Waterfalls

Located 5 kilometers southeast side of Daguan county town of Zhaotong, the scenic area of Huanglian River Waterfalls is a place with highly concentrated waterfalls in China and it is also a famous waterfall scenic spot of Yunnan. More than 40 waterfalls, big or small, are scatter in the 25 square kilometers area. Some rush straight down and some in several tiers in different poses and different expressions. Among the waterfalls, the major ones are Gepu Waterfall (Singing Waterfall) whose name is derived from the antiphonal singing of the Miao people, Shuishangwutai Waterfall (Water Stage Waterfall) named after a huge stage-like stone, and Dahuaban Waterfall (Smooth Flagstone Waterfall) that is named after a large smooth flagstone sloping downward in the stream.

Huanglian River Waterfalls

Xiaocaoba in Yiliang

Located 29 km northeast of Yiliang county seat, Xiaocaoba Scenic Area covers an area of some 160 square km. It teems with tubers of elevated gastrodia and this scenic area is vibrant with life by its steep cliffs, rushing waterfalls, dense forest, vast grassland, as well as ethnic cultures of the Yi and Miao. The vegetation coverage of this area reaches nearly 80%. High bio-diversity is another mighty appeal. There are at least 1,200 kinds of higher plants and more than 96 kinds of vertebrates.

Yiliang Xiaocaoba

Tongluoba National Forest Park

About 69 kilometers southwest Shuifu county town of Zhaotong, the park mainly includes 5 brooks, 7 lakes, 18 small basins, 108 peaks and dozens of waterfalls. The scenery is beautiful and fascinating, which changes along the seasons. Large areas of Davidia involucrate, a fist class plant protected by the state, bear flowers which look like flying white pigeons. And they are more appealing when flowers are in blossom. It is a forest ecotourism scenic area. The top of the park is the best point to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and the clouds.

Tongluoba National Forest Park

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