Yunnan Travel Guide: Yuxi Natural Scenery

Fuxian Lake

Fuxian Lake, located about 60 kilometers southeast of Kunming, is 1722 meters above sea leve and covers an area of 216 square kilometers. The lake is ranked the third largest in Yunnan after the Dianchi Lake and the Erhai Lake; the deepest lake in Yunnan with the deepest part of the lake descending 158 meters; and the second deepest freshwater lake in China after Tianchi Lake, a volcanic body of water in Changbai Mountain in Northeast China.

Fuxian Lake

The water in the lake is crystal clear and appears to be blue-green. From a boat you can see fish swimming seven metres beneath the surface. The most amazing thing is that the water temperature does not change along with the seasons. With no big temperature-difference of the water between winter and summer and high quality of the water, Fuxian Lake is a perfect place for swmming.

Sea of Clouds and Terraced Fields of Hani People in Nanuo

Nanuo Cloud Sea and Rice Terrace Field is located in Nanuo Hani Nationality Township that is about 198 kilometers away from Yuxi and 66 kilometers away from Yuanjiang County downtown. It is the humanistic and historic relics of Hani people and the demonstration of their farming culture. The sea of clouds under the rising sun, terraced fields, blue sky and green mountains of Nanuo look just like a colorful landscape painting, which attract a lot of visitors between winter and spring every year.

Sea of Clouds and Terraced Fields of Hani People

Nan’en Waterfall

Nan’en means silvery white water in Dai language. Nan’en waterfalls are situated on the upper reaches of Nan’en River, 25 kilometers away from Jiasa, the hometown of Huayao Dai (Flowery Dai) in Xinping County of Yuxi Municipality. The Nan’en River originates the virgin forest of Ailao Mountain which is enveloped by mist and clouds with immense forest and plentiful rainfall. So the water runs all year round, forming multilevel of waterfalls with the highest drop of about 100 meters. And the last level of the waterfall runs down swiftly from the 30-meter high cliff with splashing silvery water, a magnificent scene.

Nan'en Waterfall

Longquan Natioanl Forest Park in Yimen

The park is located in Yimen County, the northern part of Yuxi Municipality. It’s approximately 85 kilometers away from Kunming. It has high and steep mountains, luxuriant green trees, deep karst caves and sweet spring. Towers and pavilions are scattered on the mountains. Fish play in the clear water and birds chirp on the trees, presenting a scene of perfect harmony between human and nature.

Longquan National Forest Park in Yimen

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