Yunnan Travel Guide: Qujing Natural Scenery

Origin of the Pear River

Maxiong Mountain of Zhanyi County, Qujing City is the exact origin of the Pearl River. Its difference with the origins of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers is that it is accessible by everyone. The area is rich in animal and plant resources with diversified categories and the weather is temperate with ample rainfall. More than 90 percent of the land is covered by forest, known as the “natural oxygen bar”, “pure land”. It’s a perfect place for a green tour and for keeping fit. In April each year 600 hectares of azalea are in full blossom in Maxiong Mountain, a spectacular and superb scene.

Origin of the Pearl River

Jiulong Waterfalls (Nine-Dragon Waterfalls) in Luoping

Jiulong Waterfalls (Nine-Dragon Waterfalls), 22 kilometers northeast of the county town of Luoping, is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in China. The waterfalls are scattered on the two-kilometer long river course by ten levels in various shapes. The view of the waterfalls varies level by level and they are connected with each other by shoals or pools, creating a fantasy world of water. The biggest waterfall is 110 meters high with a drop of 56 meters. During the wet season, its rumbling sound can be heard several kilometers away.

Luoping Jiulong Waterfalls (Nine-Dragon Waterfalls)

Young men and women of Bouyei Ethnic Group nearby will come here to look for their lovers by singing love songs in antiphonal style on the second day of the second lunar month each year.

Rape-flower Sea in Luoping

The rape flowers in Luoping flatland form the largest natural garden in the world. Normally, the blossom of the local rape flowers falls between February and March every year, during which more than 13,000 hectares of rape flowers join into a sea of flowers. Dotted with round peaks, they look like several pieces of exquisite and beautiful brocade, presenting a spectacular sight. The Luoping Rape Flower Tourism Festival is held every year,  attracting a lot of visitor from home and abroad.

Luoping Rape Flowers

Luoping Duoyi River

Located in southeast Luoping County of Qujing, Yunnan Province, Duoyi River is about 40 kilometers away from the county seat. Nearly 40 waterfalls are scattered along the 12-kilometers riverbed. The water is crystal clear all year round. Thousand-year-old trees are growing strong and tall, forming a natural root carving art exhibition hall. Ancient waterwheels can be seen at torrential flow, spinning slowly and leading people to the old days. This area is inhabited by Bouyei, Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Han people and their colorful culture and custom add distinctive charm to the river.

Luoping Duoyi River

Dahaicao Mountain

The mountain is located at southeast Huize County and the elevation of the scenic area is above 3,300 meters. The elevation of Guniuzhai (Jiangyunnong Mountain), the highest peak of Wumeng Mountain Range, is 4,017 meters. The wonderful green grass, streams, wild flowers, mist and clouds, Buddhist halo, snow scene, flocks of sheep and the herding songs form different landscape for Dahaicao Mountain in the four seasons, looking like a beautiful picture.

Dahaicao Mountain

Luliang Colorful Sand Forest

Covering an area of 25 square kilometers, the Colorful Sand Forest is located at 18 km southeast of Luliang County, 40 km from Stone Forest and 130 km from Kunming. Because the sand contains many kinds of colored mineral substances, the colors of the sand forest change with the seasons, under changing climatic conditions and from different angles; the colors also vary according to sunlight and moonlight exposure, hence the name “Colorful Sand Forest”.

Luliang Colorful Sand Forest

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