Yunnan Travel Guide: Honghe Natural Scenery

Alu Ancient Cave

It is a national scenic area in Luxi County, 200 kilometers from Kunming. Known as the No. 1 Cave of Yunnan, the Alu Ancient Cave is a group strange and magnificent karst caves with rich karst landscapes. Its landforms are similar to those of the Stone Forest. The difference is that its landforms are under the ground but the Stone Forest’s are above the ground. It is one of the largest karst caves in Yunnan, as well as one of the most spectacular natural karst caves in Asia.

Luxi Alu Ancient Cave

The Alu Cave is composed of nine peaks and eighteen caverns. The caves have many specific and strange characteristics, such as spring running out of cave, deep river flowing in the cave, long tunnel zigzagging along the cave, sky seeing through the cave, and so on. The total length of the cave is more than 3,000 meters. In the caves are various stone formations resembling bamboo shoots, flowers, curtains and windows. Remarkably true to life, some stand in solitary loftiness, others in clusters.

Swallow Caves in Jianshui

The caves in the mountains and valleys, 30 kilometers east of Jianshui county town, are the largest and grandiose karst caves in Asia. They are divided into two parts, looking like two open shells of a mussel, one left and the other right, one dry and the other wet, one deep and the other shallow. The upper cave looks like a big hall with a capacity of holding 1,000 people, and the lower cave is 30 meters in height with an inverted stalactite hanging down from the roof. The cave has a history of about more than three million years. Owing to longtime erosion by rushing water, the cliffs of the lower cave become steep with various shapes of hanging stalactites, looking like an art work of superb craftsmanship. While exploring the cave, it seems that you were touring in a dragon palace at the bottom of the ocean or a palace of art.

Jianshui Swallow Caves

Yuanyang Terraced Fields

The largest area of terraced fields in the world are concentrated in Honghe, Yuanyang, Luchun and Jinping counties in the south bank of the Honghe River in the region where Hani people live in a compact community. Among them the terraced fields of Yuanyang are the most typical example.

Yuanyang Terraced Fields

Called Ladders toward Heaven by the Hani people, the terraced fields in Yuanyang are vast in area. Small-sized terraced fields in odd shapes connect with one another and form larger fields, each covering an area of about 0.6 square kilometers. Compared with other terraced fields in the world, Yuanyang terraced fields are on steep slopes, ranging from 15 to 75 degrees in gradient. The number of terraces on a single slope may even exceed 3,000.

Jiayin Terraced Fields

Jiayin Township is under jurisdiction of Honghe County and is the largest village lived by Hani people in China with a strong flavor of ethnic culture and custom. It is renowned for its long-street banquet, mushroom-shaped houses, folk songs and palm-fan dance. The Tasa and Asa terraced fields of Jiayin Township are very attractive and you would love to go there.

Jiayin Terraced Fields

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