Yangshuo Travel Guide: Yangshuo Scenic Area

The most beautiful scenic spots in the Lijiang River area, such as Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Green Lotus and Jade Bamboo Shoot, are all situated in Yangshuo, in addition to a large number of other places of scenic and historic interest, Yangshuo Yulong Riversuch as the picturesque Yulong River, Shutong Hill and Moon Hill. All these make Yangshuo the most important tourism county of China. Especially the West Street in Yangshuo which reflects a combination of Western and Chinese cultures makes Yangshuo well-known at home and abroad.

Green Lotus Peak

Situated in the east of the county seat, Green Lotus Peak is 297.8 meters above sea level. Standing by the Lijiang River it is surrounded by other mountains, which are like lotus leaves around it, hence the name Green Lotus Peak. Yangshuo Green Lotus PeakOne of its sides facing the Lijiang River is as white as a mirror, hence another name Mirror Hill (Jianshan). Pushui Ferry lies at the foot of the hill and the water near the ferry runs rapidly. The path from the ferry to halfway up the hill is Nanshan’e Scenic Path, along which there are many famous tablets of the past ages. Of them the most famous is a Chinese character “带”, which is 6 meters high, vigorous and powerful. At the northern end of the scenic path is Yingjiang Pavilion, with eight windows. Looking through each of them, you can view different fantastic scenery.

West Street

With a long history, West Street has maintained traditional Chinese architectural style. With a lot of foreigners living here, the street has become a tourist destination for its unique combination of Chinese and Western culture.Yangshuo West Street

In West Street, foreigners from different countries and speaking different languages can be seen walking unrestrainedly with bags on their backs. Some of them are drinking beer at bar, some searching information through internet, some having talks on the street while others bargaining for buying Chinese goods. All the bars, restaurants and hotels on the street reflect their own styles, demonstrating their different flavors. So the people call it a unique foreign street in China.

Yangshuo Park

Located in Diecui Road in Yangshuo County, the park was constructed in 1915. Yangshuo ParkThe main tourist attractions in the park include Xilang Hill, Immortal Meeting Pavilion, Xilang Rock by the pavilion, Woyun Pavilion at the hilltop and Solitary Beauty Hill, on which stand the Crane Freeing Pavilion and Immortal Coming Cave. In addition, there are Spring Bud Garden and Pomelo Garden. The park is a typical landscape one and is an ideal place for leisure, entertainment and body fitting. A terrace, known as “Xilang in Afterglow” halfway up the hill, is the best spot to have a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.

Land of Peach Blossom

By Guilin-Yangshuo Highway, the Land of Peach Blossom is about 15 kilometers from the county seat. Outside of the land are fields and villages, and inside of the land there is a limpid lake. Yangshuo Land of Peach BlossomYou can take a boat tour to go through the ethnic villages decorated with watermills and wind-and-rain bridges, while listening to the sound of the turning watermills, watching the girls at Embroidered Ball Tower throw embroidered balls down, and enjoying melodious music played by reed-pipe wind instruments. At Swallow Rock, you will see a large cave, which boats can go through. Going further, you will hear beautiful songs. All of a sudden, there comes some light, making you think of a scene that “it seems some light come from a hole in the mountain”. Traveling in the land, you will enjoy the life of a fictitious land of peace, away from the turmoil of the world.

Big Banyan Park Yangshuo Big Banyan Tree

Growing in Chuanyan Village in Gaotain Township, this big banyan tree is more than 1,400 years old, with luxuriant foliage and spreading branches. In the park there are picturesque rice fields, clean small streams, green hills, watermills and buffalos, really a Chinese ink picture of perfect and harmonious nature.

Moon Hill

Moon Hill is not far away from the big banyan tree, from which it takes only about 10 minutes to the Moon Hill by bike. Yangshuo Moon HillA tall peak stands by the highway, and at the top of the peak, there is a big cave, through which the blue sky can be seen. The cave is tall and round, just like a bright moon hung in the sky, hence the name Moon Hill. The most interesting is that if you walk along Moon Appreciating Road in Licun Village, you will find the changes of the moon, from a full moon to a half moon, and then to a crescent.

“Moon Palace” in Moon Hill is a classical international rock-climbing route. In Moon Palace, there are lots of stalactites, some like jade rabbits, and the others like osmanthus flower trees, which tally with the scenes in a Chinese fairy tale. What a work of nature!

Licun Village at the foot of the Moon Hill is an ideal place for you to take a mud bath.

Butterfly Spring Scenic Area

In the best section of the 10 li gallery in the Moon Hill Scenic Area, the Butterfly Spring Scenic Area occupies an area of 36,000 square meters. Yangshuo Butterfly SpringIt is a good leisure place for you to touch nature and coexist with nature. In this scenic area there are an ancient suspending bridge – the only one in Yangshuo, high peaks, music flowing water and waterfalls. Also there is a butterfly appreciating garden, the largest of its kind in China. Tens of thousands of butterflies dance in this ecological garden, creating an environment in which people and nature coexist harmoniously.

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