Xinghua Lou: A 160-Year-Old Restaurant in Shanghai

Located between Middle Shandong Road and South Shanxi Road, Xinghua Lou, a China time-honored brand, is a 160-year-old Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai. With its own uniqueness, it is one of Shanghai’s many landmarks to discover.

Xinghua Lou Restaurant

In 1851, a Cantonese opened a dessert shop. Upon successful business running, the shop was expanded to a restaurant. The name of the restaurant, Xinghua Lou, is taken from the poem “Xinghua Village” by Du Mu, a Tang Dynasty poet. When business grew rapidly during the early years of the Republic of China, then owner decided to build a new restaurant at 343 Fuzhou Road. With the introduction of Steamed Chicken with Scallion Oil, the restaurant found almost no parallel competitors in the Shanghai back then. Xinghua Lou became the most famous and the largest Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai.

Xinghua Lou Restaurant, Shanghai

Today, Cantonese dim sums are still the most ordered by guests: for example, steamed buns stuffed with barbecued roast pork, chicken buns, Shao-mai (steamed pork dumplings), and shrimp dumplings…all are delicious! Specialty Cantonese dishes such as Garlic Shrimp and Shark’s Fin with Osmanthus are also available in the restaurant.

Besides, the moon cakes made by the Xinghua Lou restaurant are what people can’t afford to miss as well. At first, Xinhua Lou only served Cantonese dishes rather than moon cakes. At the Mid-Autumn Festival of 1929, it started to serve moon cakes, which have lasted their good reputations to date. Among them, those with stuffings of mashed bean, sweetened lotus seed paste, shredded coconut and assorted nuts are the best known. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese across the world would miss the sweet moon cakes packed in the square boxes.

Xinghua Lou Mooncakes

Address: No. 343 Fuzhou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

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