Xiangshan Park: Feeling Spring in Beijing

Spring is really a wonderful time in Beijing, and it is the perfect time for mountain climbing to get excellent aerobic exercise in the fresh air. If you want to enjoy flowers and exercise at the same time, Xiangshan Park is one of the best outings for spring.


Xiangshan Park (Fragrant Hills Park) is situated in the east part of the western hills, 28 kilometers (17 miles) west (and slightly north) of central Beijing. It is a large park of hills and forest covering 1.6 km² (395 acres). Both the natural scenery and cultural relics are abundant in Xiangshan Park. The main sites include Guijianchou, Yuhua Villa and Shuangqing Villa.


Xiangshan Park is green in spring and magnolias, apricots, hickories and other mountain flowers bloom. When climbing up to the Xianglu Peak (Incense Burner Peak), which is the highest peak in Xiangshan Park with the height of 557 meters (1827 ft), you can enjoy great views of Beijing, with the Summer Palace not far away and central Beijing beyond.


Xiangshan Park Visitor Routes:

1.Southern Route Qinzheng Palace→Jingcui Lake→Cuiwei Pavilion → Shuangqing Villa → Joy Garden → Xiangshan Temple

2.Middle Route Qinzheng Palace→Yuhua Peak→Xiangwu Cave→Xianglu Peak

3.Northern Route Qinzheng Palace→Knowledge Pine Garden→Zhao Temple→Jianxinzhai→Glasses Lake→Cableway→Temple of Azure Clouds.

The routes are of different distances, but you should allow around 70-90 minutes for any one.

Address:No. 40 Maimaijie, Haidian District, Beijing.

Transportation:Bus 318、331、360、360 Kuai、696、698 to Xiangshan,563 to Xiangshan Gongyuan Dongmen stop,505、Te 5 to Xiangquan Huandao,630 to Beijing Zhiwuyuan

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