Xi’an Special Shops and Shopping Streets

Shuyuanmen Culture Street

The special street at Namenli near the Xi’an Stele Forest is lined with houses in the architectural style popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties and paved with stone blocks. The stores on this street sell rubbings from stone inscriptions, works of painting and calligraphy, seals, books of ancient seal prints, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper). It is an ideal place for you to buy souvenirs and exchange views with artists. Painters and calligraphers often come to this street to demonstrate their skills on the spot. Auctions of ancient works of arts are often held here.

Xi'an Shuyuanmen Culture Street

Dongdajie Street

Dongdajie Street is the busiest commercial street of the four main streets spreading from the Bell Tower. The section west of Dachaishi of this street has an even stronger atmosphere of the modern metropolis of Xi’an. On this street are the time-honored stores of Tangchen Plaza, Qianjin Shoe and Hat Store, Northwest Optician’s, Henry Clock and Watch Store and a number of exclusive garment shops.

Xi’an Friendship Store

Located on Nanxin Street in the center of Xi’an, the store is close to the Bell Tower in the west, one bus stoop from the Stele Forest in the south and adjacent to the office building of the Shaanxi provincial government in the north.

The state-owned Xi’an Friendship Store sells famous tourist products from all over China and local arts and crafts, such as jewelries, jadeites, diamonds, gold and silver ornaments, enamels, lacquer ware, jade articles, antiques, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), carpets, embroideries, silk and brocade products, various kinds of clothes, daily utilities, famous-brand wine and cigarettes, tea and tonic medicine. It also provides such services as delivering commodities for customers to other countries, handling insurance affairs and dealing with mail orders.

Xi’an Antique Shop

The Antique Shop is housed in the Drum Tower at the center of Xi’an proper. It mainly sells objects of pottery, porcelain, copper, jade, agate, cloisonné and enamel, carvings of bamboo, wood and bone, works of painting and calligraphy, rubbings, seals, ink slabs and embroideries.

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