Xi’an Night Tour: Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show is a well designed performance of the traditional Chinese music and dance. It originated over a thousand years ago in Changan, the capital of The Tang Dynasty, which is now known as Xi’an.

The Tang Dynasty lasted from 618AD to 907AD. During that time China experienced tremendous culture, artistic and technological achievements, reaching the climax of the development in music and dance. Even now, modern Chinese culture owes much to the historical legacies of The Tang Dyansty. It is reflecting the grander and splendor of ancient China.

The performance has been recreated according to the poise of the dancers on the murals, ancient art and relics discovered in Xi’an, as well as the folk legends about the Tang Dynasty. It presents you with the court life and social costumes of more than 1,300 years ago. Traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the drum make the performance magnificent and exquisite. Dancers wearing long sleeves dance elegantly and beautifully. You can just sit back and let yourself be carried away!

During the show time, you can also have a Chinese dumpling banquet. It is an excellent way to touch the Xian culture both in history and food.





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