Xiamen: Ever-green Seaport

Located at the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is a tourist city of Fujian Province famous for its attractive seascape.

Xiamen, traditionally known in the West as Amoy, has also been called the Egret Island because of the hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting there. This is due to the beautiful natural scenery, the fresh air and the clean environment of the city.

Xiamen is a surprisingly pretty city. Its streets and buildings, attractive shopping arcades and bustling seafront boast a nineteenth-century European flavour. There are beautiful beaches, parks, museums and interesting cultural attractions to spend days exploring.


The main tourist attraction in Xiamen, Gulangyu, is a delightful little island just a 10 minute ferry ride from the heart of down town. As a place of residence for Westerners during Xiamen’s colonial past, Gulangyu is famous for its architecture and for being home to China’s largest piano museum, giving it the nickname of “Piano Island” or “The Town of Pianos”. Gulangyu is unique in China as a “traffic-free island”. It is connected to the main island of Xiamen only by ferry. It is a popular weekend getaway with views of the city and features many Victorian-era style European edifices.


Nanputuo (South Putuo) Temple, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, is a famous Buddhist temple surrounded by the graceful sea and the Wulao Peaks behind the temple. It is so named because it is south of the Buddhist holy site Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province.


Xiamen University is a beautiful campus with old traditional buildings and a tranquil lake outside the foreign language department. Nowadays the University is open for anyone, some registration may needed on peak holidays. To avoid long registration procedure, you may enter the university from three smaller gates which are across the Baicheng beach.


And the other tourist areas like Jimei, Wanshiyan, etc. are highly recommended. A sea tourist line is also available for you to enjoy the amazing scenery of many beautiful small islands around.

Xiamen enjoys convenient transportation. You can go there by air, by train, by coach or by sea. The transportation within the city is also satisfying. Most tourists consider the accommodation in Xiamen convenient consisting of many star rated hotels. Meanwhile Xiamen has plenty of special local products to be added to your shopping list, including various kinds of tealeaves, fruits like sugarcanes, olives and longans as well as sea products such as fish, prawns, crabs, abalones and lancelets.

The folk customs of the minorities, varied local festivals and especially the particular local dishes and snacks are also appealing to visitors.

My memory is still vivid after my trip to Xiamen five years ago. It’s the place I would like to go back again.

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