Traditional Tibetan Cuisine: Lunang Stone Pot Chicken

In a village in the Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibet, you can find a famous Tibetan cuisine – Lunang Stone Pot Chicken which is cooked in a special stone pot.

The cuisine uses local Tibetan chicken, which lives on the plateau at an elevation of 3,200 to 4, 000 meters. This kind of chicken is good at flying because of the small figure. The chicken meat tastes chewy.

The Tibetan chickens are raised in a pollution-free environment and feed on green grass and small bugs. They are adapted to the changeable cold plateau climate. The chicken meat is rich in protein, energy and low in fat.

Moreover, the auxiliary ingredients are also specific and important, including gymnadnia conopsear broyn, codonopsis pilosula and Tibetan fritillaria thun-bergli. In particular, the gymnadnia conopsear broyn, also named as rhizome of conic gymnadenia, gets its name because it just looks like a human’s palm (In Chinese, its name is “Shouzhang Shen”, which means a palm-looking ginseng). The gymnadnia conopsear broyn, also as a Tibetan medicine, is effective in nourishing yin and kidney.

The stone pot used for stewing chicken meat is made of stones in the mountains of the Nyingchi Prefecture. The stone pot is firm and endurable, which won’t be cracked by fire.

The local people in the Nyingchi Prefecture always gather in the restaurants in winter to enjoy the Lunang Stone Pot Chicken. Now the tourists would even come to the Nyingchi Prefecture exclusively for the Lunang Stone Pot Chicken.



The stone pots which are used for stewing the chicken.

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