Tips for Wine Tasting

It never goes too far to compare tasting wine to a dance with wine. It’s another fantastic experience to mobilize all your senses. Look, swirl, sniff, sip and taste – every step is like a dancing step of the wine. You can not help but feel intoxicated and unconsciously follow her steps to dance lightly…

Tips for Wine Tasting

Look: the first step in tasting wine

Under the white background, tilt the wine goblet slightly and observe the color, clarity and depth of the wine. The hue is its color. Clarity is an indication of the character and condition of the wine. The depth is how deep the wine appears, for example, dark, medium or light. At this time, the wine displays the beauty of serenity and conveys her history, place of origin and storage time, just like the transient silence before a dancer starts performance.

Swirl: the second step in tasting wine

Hold the goblet by the stem, and either pick up the goblet and swirl the wine gently or swirl the goblet most easily by keeping it firmly on a flat surface, to enable the wine to rotate slowly in the goblet, be fully exposed to the air and release the wine aromas. This is a very important step, and with full oxidization, the unique sweet smell of the wine can be formed. During the swirling process, you are already hand-in-hand with the wine to wait for the impending moment of dancing together.

Sniff: the third step in tasting wine

Put the goblet under your nose, sniff hard and confidently, making the fragrance of the oxidized wine fully diffused into your nose. As you inhale smoothly and through your nose, also draw a small amount of air through your mouth. Try to look for the aromas, such as fruit aromas and wine barrel aromas, which will help you better understand the wine’s characteristics. At the refreshing moment, you will feel as if you were dancing gracefully with the wine.

Sip: the fourth step in tasting wine

Have a sip of wine, hold the wine in your mouth and try sucking on it as if pulling it through a straw. Move the wine around in your mouth and pay attention to how the flavor changes. That’s the stuff! You can feel the suppleness, aromas and mellowness of the tannin, and then enjoy the long aftertaste of wine gliding over your tongue. This is the climax of your dance with the wine, which will make you deeply intoxicated even long after your dance stops.

To your health!

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