Tips for Taking Hot Spring Bath

1. Don’t take a hot spring bath immediately when hungry. Bathing when hungry might cause prostration, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

2. Don’t bath immediately after having a square meal.

3. Bathing under the condition of lack of sleep or staying up late with over-strained nerves might result in brain anemia or shock in hot springs.

4. Don’t bath immediately after drinking or drunkenness because the hot spring bathing will cause accelerated blood circulation, and drunken bathing might cause cerebral hemorrhage.

5. Don’t bath in high-temperature hot spring pool immediately after strenuous exercise to avoid shock in hot spring.

6. Don’t bath in hot spring at the early and late pregnant period.

7. Don’t bath in hot spring when being extremely exciting or angry and the heart rates exceeding 100 times/minute.

8. Temporarily refrain from bathing in hot spring under the condition of malnutrition or being extremely weak after illness.

9. It is recommended that the appropriate bathing time last for 10-15 minutes, and you can repeatedly bath for several times, not exceeding three times within one day.

10. It’s good for you to drink some water before and while taking hot spring bath.

Enjoy your Hot Spring Bath!


(This is a  photo of Qingdao Haiquan Bay Ocean Spring. I went there last weekend, a good experience and the service is good.)

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