The Bund: A Landmark of Shanghai

The Bund, 1.5 kilometers long, extends from Jinling Road in the south to the Waibaidu Bridge over the Suzhou Creek in the north. It faces the Huangpu River, which is the longest river in Shanghai.

The word ‘bund’ derives from an Anglo-Indian word for an embankment along a muddy waterfront and that is what the Bund was originally. For a century, the Bund is always the symbol and proud of Shanghai. If you have never been to the Bund, then you have never been to Shanghai.

Now many attractive new constructions have been erected in addition to the historical buildings. A 771-metre long retaining wall for flood control was built. Atop the wall is a spacious walkway for sightseeing. Paved with colorful tiles and dotted with flower beds and European-style garden lights. It is a good place for a leisurely stroll and a view of the Huangpu River. Every morning people come here to take exercises and every evening people come here to appreciate the excellent view with their lovers.

There are three main attractions on Shanghai Bund. The first one is the sculpture group which consists of the sculpture Light of Huangpu River, sculpture Sail and sculpture Wind. The second one is Square Chenyi. There is a stone statue of Chenyi who was the first mayor of Shanghai on the square. The third one is the Sightseeing Tunnel which is the first underwater tunnel for foot passenger in China.

One of the key features of the Bund is the contrast it provides. The bund is often referred to as “the Museum of International Architecture”, as many famous buildings in different styles can be found here, like the  Customs House, HSBC bank building, and Peace Hotel, etc. Now it is even more attractive as you can also see modern skyscrapers just opposite the Huangpu River. That gives you a strong contrast between modern life and the past. The Bund of Shanghai always shows the cheering changes of Shanghai.

It is worth a visit to see the night view of the Bund. You can board on the Huangpu River cruise, the buildings on both the historic west side and the modern east side will absolutely catch your eyes. It fully exhibits the magnificence of the various buildings together with the colorful lights floating in the river.






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