Story behind Beijing Roast Duck

Peking Duck dates back to 1,000 years ago. It’s said that roast duck was Emperor Qian Long and Empress Dowager CiXi’s favorite. Therefore, the roast duck was officially called Beijing Roast Duck. There is a saying that vividly depicts the reputation of Beijing Roast Duck. “If you fail to reach the Great Wall, you are not a real man. If you fail to savor Beijing Roast Duck, it is really a pity.”

Beijing Roast Duck and Quan Ju De are bound together, and there is a story behind the name of Quan Ju De.

The founder of Quan Ju De was Yang Quan Ren who used to be a peasant and was stranded in Beijing due to the disastrous flood in his hometown. Luckily he was employed to breed ducks on the outskirt of Beijing. After painstaking years of working together with friends, he accumulated money and experience of breeding, butchering and selling ducks. When he went to the market to sell ducks every day, there was a confectionery called “ De Ju Quan” where he always passed by. In 1864, the confectionery was on the verge of bankruptcy. The smart Yang Quan Ren took the chance of buying out this confectionery.

With a store of his own, what should he name it? Yang asked a geomancer for advice. After surveying the store, the geomancer said: “The store is favorably sited in terms of geomantic quality, but the former owner mismanaged it and caused it to have a bad luck. You will not have a good luck or good business unless you name the store in reverse order. ” That is to say, the name of De Ju Quan should be changed to the new name of Quan Ju De. Yang was satisfied with the idea, thinking that “Quan” in the new name was part of his name, and “Ju De” means accumulating virtues, which implied that he made business by virtues. Later the famous and time-honored name came into being.

During that time, there are many roast duck restaurants. Believing that a good chef is the prerequisite for making good roast duck, Yang often visited various roast duck restaurants and inquired about the secrete recipe of roast duck so as to find a top chef. Finally he found master Sun who used to be a chef making roast duck in the imperial court and successfully persuaded him to be the chef in Quan Ju De. So Quan Ju De with master Sun took the fancy of the diners in Beijing.

The recipe of cooking Quan Ju De Roast Duck is the precious heritage of Chinese cuisine. Nowadays Quan Je De Roast Duck spreads all over the country and its business is really good.

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