Shopping Paradises in Suzhou

The exquisiteness and rich resources of Suzhou stimulate people here to pursuit high quality of life. It is said that in Ming and Qing dynasties, commercial goods sold like hotcakes as long as they were marked with “Su”. Now, Annie will show you around the popular shopping streets and areas in today’s Suzhou.

Shiquan Street

With all kinds of restaurants and craft shops, Shiquan Commercial Street is located in the hotel zone of the ancient Suzhou. The famous Nanlin hotel, Suzhou Hotel, Suzhou Park Hotel and classical Master-of-Nets Garden are all located in this street. Walking along the street, you will see the well ordered Ming and Qing constructions with whitewashed wall and black tiles, and attracted by the restaurants and craft stores and complete schools of Chinese cuisines. The craft stores are even more attractive, each having its own advantages: Suzhou embroidery art, ceramics, antiques, red porcelain, pottery, silk, paintings, precious stones, jade, small redwood sculpture, etc.

Shiquan Street, Suzhou

Li Gong Di

Ligongdi is not only a beautiful causeway in Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake), but also a commercial street where you could dine, drink and have fun. There are many excellent restaurants: the Denmark Nordic Style Bar Restaurant “Old Farm House”, “Tomatoism” offering delicate Italian cuisine, Germany Royal HB Beer Bar founded in 1589, as well as “Korean King Crab” which is popular in Japan and South Korean, and the famous Japanese carbonado chain restaurant “Lianwajia” with 40 years of history, which is the first time to move into Suzhou City, and so on.

Li Gong Di, Suzhou

Guanqian Street

Located in the center of Suzhou, it is a prosperous commercial street with numerous famous stores and cultural heritages in the region. It holds the irreplaceable position in the “one center, two wings” layout of Suzhou that the parks are in the east, the residential areas in the west and the ancient city in the center. This street has been famous for many century-old restaurants and stores, such as Daoxiangcun, Qiantaixiang and Huangtianyuan, etc. Eunuch Lane Food Street, located in the Bifengfang, is also famous in Yangtze River Delta for its Su-style food.

Guanqian Street, Suzhou

Shilu Pedestrian Street (Shilu Business District)

Located in the business region outside Changmen Gate in Suzhou, it is of typical modern business district style, where squares, shops, restaurants, bars and a variety of entertainment places compose this colorful and diverse business circle. Huaiyang River is like a jade belt embedded in Granite Street, forming the unique view that cars run by the water and people walk on the water. There is a streamlined, fulcrum-free red landscape-viewing wooden bridge stretching across Huaiyang River, which has the charm of impressionist works and the soft curves of southern constructions. People call this beautiful pedestrian street “New Shilu”, literally “New Stone Road”. In Shilu, everyone could find his own interest: shopping, leisure, and entertainment, etc. “Touring in the ancient ponds, eating in the old folks neighborhood, shopping in New Stone Road and indulging in Nanaho Street” have become a leisure trend.

Shilu Pedestrian Street, Suzhou

Suzhou Harmony Times Square

Known as “Commercial Giant”, Suzhou Harmony Times Square is located in the eastern bank of Golden Rooster Lake, covering 510,000 square meters. It is a large-scale comprehensive, modern, high-quality commercial complex that combines retail, dining, entertainment, business, tourism, leisure and culture. It is the most prosperous commercial center in Suzhou CBD and East China’s most influential brand block with the highest commercial value. The natural rivers cut through the square, with water buses shuttling to and fro and the air corridor connecting the major business functional areas. And there are more than 4,000 underground parking spaces and six subway exits. Water Mist Square, World’s Number One Sky Curtain, Themed Landscape, Fashionable Night View……Harmony Times Square serves as the leader of Suzhou CBD lakeside fashion lifestyle.

Suzhou Harmony Times Square

South Gate Business District

It is located in the area south of the ancient city and north People Bridge. The ferry terminal of the famous Suzhou – Hangzhou “Paradise Waterway” is located here. In this district there are nearly 10 large shopping malls, commercial buildings, supermarkets, and almost 100 special stores and all kinds of shops, as well as Suzhou aquatic market, fruits and vegetables wholesale market, the tea market, electronic market and restaurants. With convenient transportation and many shopping malls, it has been the most thriving downtown area in Suzhou.

South Gate Business District, Suzhou

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