Shopping Paradises in Beijing

When shopping in Beijing, keep an eye on objects of art with an oriental local flavor and cultural artifacts of different dynasties. Beijing is representative of the finest arts and crafts China has to offer, but it is better known for four major varieties: cloisonné, ivory carving, jade ware, and lacquer ware. In Beijing you also can easily find aesthetic seals, traditional stationery, antiques, calligraphy and painting, traditional musical instruments, silk and embroidery, jewelry and precious stones, classical furniture, cashmere sweaters and hand-knitted sweater. Folk art hunters are in variably faced with a dazzling array of products ranging from figurines made from dough, clay and brocade to kites, paper cutting and masks modeled after a variety of Peking Opera facial makeup. A cornucopia of merchandises, including famous brands from around the world and articles for daily use, are available in the city’s galaxy of malls, specialty shops and supermarkets.

Shopping Paradises:

Wangfujing Street


Wangfujing Street starts from the East Changan Street and ends at China Art Museum with a length of 1500 meters. The street is a kind of beauty perfectly combining tradition, modernity, culture and commerce. Wangfujing is one of the busiest shopping streets in Beijing. There are more than 200 shops on the 810 meters long street from Nankou to the Goldfish Kou. Famous shopping places include New Dong An Market, Beijing Department Store as well as Donghuamen Night Fair. It is also home to one of the biggest book stores in Beijing, Wangfujing Bookstore.

Qianmen Street


Located at the central axis of the city, Qianmen Street is a famous pedestrian street. It is a symbol of genuine local culture, visitors can enjoy a traditional Chinese way of life. It has many of China’s time-honored names. The most famous names are: Quanjude, Yitiaolong, and Douyichu, and Changchuntang. Moreover, it has many international brands, such as H&M, Haagen-Dazs, Sephora, ZARA, Qggle, COSTS CAFÉ, and SK Jewelry.

Xidan Commercial Zone


With the newly built Xidan Cultural Plaza on its southern end, Xidan Street is yet another prosperous shopping zone of Beijing. Apart from such big stores as Huawei Shopping Mall, Xidan Shopping Centre, Zhongyong Department Store and Xidan Emporium, there are also many special stores selling brand commodities. Xidan is also a paradise for gourmet since there are restaurants with different kinds of cuisine.

Jianguomenwai Street


Jianguomenwai Street, or the street outside Jianguo Gate, has developed a series of shopping and service facilities. The famous Friendship Store, Scitech Shopping Centre, Guiyou Tower, Henderson Shopping Centre and COFCO Plaza are all in this street. The Xiushui Street (known as Silk Alley) and the Yabalu Market are favouriates for visitors.

Liulichang Cultural Street


Here you can easily find traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, folk arts and crafts and second-hand books and magazines. All the stores are housed in buildings which have retained old architectural styles. Shopping in this street is a sightseeing tour as well.

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