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Fuzhou Bodiless Lacquerware

Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware is considered one of the three treasures of traditional Chinese handicrafts, together with Beijing’s cloisonné and Jingdezhen’s porcelain (Jingdezhen is known as the Porcelain Capital of China). It is divided into functional and decorative parts. Except its light-and-handy and artistic characters, Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware is resistant to heat, moisture-proof, acid-proof, salt-proof and insulating. And its color and luster are highly durable, adding beauty to its practical use. Nowadays, Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware can be found in many famous museums around the world. It is an attractive art work for anyone interested in Chinese arts and crafts.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Fuzhou Bodiless Lacquerware

Shoushan Stone Carving

With a soft, smooth surface and various colors, Shoushan stone is an ideal material for carving and is known as “the top grade-colored stone for carving.” It is characterized by exquisiteness, smoothness, softness, and cohesion. One thousand five hundred years ago, Shoushan stone was used for carving and subsequently served as a tribute. Most of it comes from Shoushan Village of Shoushan Town north suburb of Fuzhou, therefore it is called “Shoushan Stone”.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Shoushan Stone Carving

Shoushan stone carving features fantastic craftsmanship, being a combination of natural beauty and artistic wisdom. It integrates traditional poetry, calligraphy and painting, creating many fine masterpieces. The works of Shoushan stone carvings have extensive subject matters, such as people, animals, landscapes, birds and flowers.

Cork Painting

It is a handiwork combining carving and painting. It has simple color, exquisite carving and vivid figure. Usually it is carved as Chinese ancient pavilions and gardens.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Cork Painting

Cork Painting is listed “Three Exclusives of Fuzhou”, together with Bodiless Lacquerware and Shoushan Stone Carving.

Horn Comb

Fuzhou horn comb is made of buffalo horn of south China or sheep horn of north. The craft is fine. Horn comb tends to glide through the hair much easier and without the static, and it functions much better in a healthy hair care routine than plastic combs.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Horn Comb

Oil Paper Umbrella

Fuzhou paper umbrella is made of carefully-selected paper material and fine workmanship. It takes more than 80 procedures to produce an umbrella. Pictures can be painted with oil, sprayed or screen painted. There are refined and beautiful patterns of flowers and birds, mountains and waters, and human figures.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Oil Paper Umbrella

Bodiless lacquerware, horn comb and Oil Paper Umbrella are called “Three Treasures of Fuzhou”.

Root Carving

As saying goes “Turn to Fujian for best Chinese root carving, turn to Fuzhou for best Fujian root carving”. Fuzhou is the hometown of root carving. It has been more than a thousand years since the Northern and Southern dynasties. Many times in national root carving expositions, artists from Fuzhou get awards.

Shopping in Fuzhou - Root Carving

Jasmine Tea

For long history Fuzhou is the main producing place of jasmine tea. It becomes tributes during the Qing Dynasty. Then it tops the Chinese tea for exporting. Jasmine tea has strong fragrance and tastes sweet, and is beneficial for eyes and liver.


Fuzhou olive is listed as tribute since Tang Dynasty. It may tastes a little bitter but sweet in a second.

Meat Floss

Meat floss is traditional snack of Fuzhou for more than 130 years. Fuzhou meat floss tastes crisp, oily but not greasy, and instant melting.

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