Shopping Districts in Nanjing

1. Xinjiekou Commercial District – No. 1 Commercial District in Nanjing

Xinjiekou Commercial District, which enjoys equal popularity with the Wangfujing Pedestrian Street in Beijing and Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, can be called the preeminent shoppers’ paradise in Nanjing. Here, city modernization is combined with commercial culture. Rows of high-rises and bustling streets make it a vibrant business and financial center and a fashion leader.

Xinjiekou Commercial District, Nanjing

Golden Eagle International Commercial Center – A Leading Enterprise for Competitive Products

It is located in downtown Xinjiekou, offering shopping, entertainment and dining facilities.

Grand Ocean Department Store – A Vibrant Department Store

It provides you with a comfortable and elegant shopping environment and commodities of the highest quality and fashionable styles. It is a place where you can go shopping, have fun, enjoy your leisure time and have a nice meal.

Nanjing Cenbest – A Pioneering Fashion and Commercial Area

Located in the southeast of Xinjiekou, Cenbest is a well-established famous commodity retail department store with a pleasant shopping environment. It is a place where fashionable people always gather.

Deji Plaza – An All-round Fashion Commercial District

It is fully functional, and the facilities in this department store are fantastic, which include a gourmet plaza, luxurious cinemas and supermarkets as well as many top brand clothing stores.

Wanda Plaza – A Shopping Mall in the City Center

Department stores, supermarkets, commercial pedestrian streets and cinemas are available here to meet people’s needs for shopping and entertainment.

2. Confucius Temple Business District – An Ancient Tourist Shopping District

Confucius Temple is a famous tourist resort well known at home and abroad. The Confucius Temple Commercial Street is located at the southern end of it. Built in 1997, it is an excellent combination of international brand stores and commercial centers, and one of three major commercial districts built by the Chinese government. This commercial street provides a huge number of brand clothing stores of all kinds. Trade markets that specialize in gadgetry, antique calligraphy and paintings and flower and bird pictures can all be found here. Moreover, there are lots of fast food restaurants, including KFC and McDonald’s, and other major brand stores, making it a big attraction for tourists and shoppers. As a bustling commercial district of Nanjing, Confucius Temple Commercial Street provides great convenience for you in terms of shopping, leisure and dinning.

Nanjing Fuzimiao

3. Hunan Road Pedestrian Street – A Civilized Demonstration Street for Boutique Clothing and Delicious Food

Hunan Road is 1,100 meters long and is known as “Hunan Road Pedestrian Street” or “Hunan Road Commercial Street”. There are hundreds of stores selling all sorts of commodities. Hunan Road boasts a large number of boutiques and specialty stores, accounting for more than 83 percent of its total stores. In addition, you can also find large shopping malls here, like Pacific Department Store and Century Taifu Department Store, etc. Thanks to its elegant shopping ambience, Hunan Road has become one of the most bustling commercial streets in this ancient city. It is one of the model streets in China for “No Fake Products in all Malls and Shops”. The Shiziqiao Food Street, located in the middle section of Hunan Road, is the paradise for gourmets.

Shiziqiao Food Street, Nanjing

4. Suning Universal Shopping Center – A Comprehensive Fashion Commercial Enterprise

You can shop, dine, relax and enjoy yourself here. In addition, Risun Plaza, Aqua City and the Light Art Tunnel are also worth visiting.

Suning Universal Shopping Center, Nanjing

5. Zhujiang Road Electronic Street – A Street for Technological Electronics

As Zhongguancun Science Park is famous in the north of China, so is Zhujiang Road in the south. Zhujiang Road Electronic Street in Nanjing has always been a well-known electronic products hot spot. The street begins with Xiaoying Road in the east and ends in Zhongshan Road in the west, with a length of 2.7 km. You can find many stylish buildings all along the street. Currently, a large number of specialty stores have located here, in all nearly 500 advanced business enterprises, making it the largest and the most influential electronic market in China.

Zhujiang Road Electronic Street, Nanjing

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