Shanghai Travel Guide: Streets with Unique Shanghai Features

Shanghai boasts many pedestrian streets, cultural streets, streets with alien flavors and streets for relaxation, which endow Shanghai with a vivid color of life and youthful vigor. These streets are good places for you to go not only for sightseeing and shopping but also for experiencing the lingering charms of Shanghai.

Origin of Xujiahui (Xujiahui Yuan)

Xujiahui, typical of the characteristics of Shanghai style culture, is an open-type tourism scenic area. The Origin of Xujiahui, adjacent to the shopping district of Xujiahui, shows modern fashion on one side and historic elegance on the other. Xujiahui is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, where you can see the history as well as the future. The St. Ignatius Cathedral (Xujiahui Catholic Church) is the most reassuring place at Xujiahui.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-The Origin of Xujiahui (Xujiahui Yuan)

Wukang Road Historical and Cultural Street

Wukang Road (originally called Route Ferguson) is known as “Celebrity Road” of a microcosm of Shanghai’s modern history dating back one hundred years. Along the road, there are 14 outstanding historical buildings as well as 37 historic buildings preserved. Walking along the road, you can see the significant former residences of celebrities and extremely unique buildings of Spain style and European buildings of French Renaissance style adjacent to creative clubs, art galleries, coffee bars and restaurants converted from old foreign houses. The old and the new, the tradition and the current trends, a sense of nostalgia and modernity overlap each other. One of the notable buildings is the Wukang Mansion (formerly called Normandie Apartment), located at the southern end of Wukang Road.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Wukang Road Historical and Cultural Street

Xintiandi Leisure and Entertainment Neighborhood

Xintiandi Leisure and Entertainment Neighborhood is the famous fashion landmark of Shanghai. Xintiandi, renovated from the Shikumen alleys, consists of the north lane, the south lane and the fashion mall. It is surprising to see completely modern lifestyle behind stone-framed-door lanes…A step away seems to separate a life time. Art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, cafes all reveal the quality of design and delicate sentiment, which stand out so prominently under the background of Old Shanghai. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor seating.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Shanghai Xintiandi

Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar

This is a well-known tourism scenic area centered on Yuyuan Garden, Yuyuan Commercial City, Old City God Temple and Shanghai Old Street. It boasts not only the most delicate places of historic interest and scenic beauty, the nation’s traditional culture, the opera court teahouses with the greatest connotation, but also Yuyuan Commercial City known as Shanghai’s “Small Commodities Kingdom”. After touring the gardens south of the Yangtze River and appreciating the buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties, you can take the pleasure to taste the authentic Shanghai cuisine and buy your favorites in the time-honored shops.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar

Duolun Road Cultural Celebrities Street

In the 1930s, it was a residential area of the Japanese in Shanghai and a place for cultural celebrities to gather as well. On either side of the street there are several scores of buildings with different architectural style and a score of historical buildings. In addition to the former residences of 10 cultural celebrities, there is also the Hongde Hall – a church of Chinese architecture style.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Duolun Road Cultural Celebrities Street

Fuzhou Road Cultural Street

After having experienced a hundred years of changes and development, Fuzhou Road has formed a street with its unique individuality, running various kinds of stationery commodities. Full of cultural atmosphere, it enjoys a good reputation in China and is known as the “first street of Chinese culture”. At present there are a hundred different retails stores. The famous specialized bookstores all gather here.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Fuzhou Road Cultural Street

Changle Road Cheongsam Street

Changle Road, a specialty street meeting the satisfaction of shopping lovers, is one of the most popular places in Shanghai to get tailor-made cheongsam, where you can find Cheongsam in all styles and fabrics, either classical and traditional or fashionable. The east of the street assembles most cute fashion shops in Shanghai while the west gathers the most excellent Cheongsam custom-made stores in Shanghai.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Changle Road Cheongsam Street

Dongtai Road Antique Market

Along the both sides of street extending for 200 meters are arranged in good order 125 curiosity shops with respective special features. Displayed there are a wide variety of curios handicraft articles known for their “curiosity, extraordinariness and queerness”, attracting numerous curiosity collectors at home and abroad and forming a very special market.

Streets with Unique Shanghai Features-Dongtai Road Antique Market

There are also many other streets with unique Shanghai features, such as the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Wujiang Road Leisure Street, Hengshan Road Leisure and Entertainment Street, and Hongmei Road Foreigners Street, and so on.

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