Shanghai Old Famous Brand Shops

Wang Da Long Knives and Scissors Shop wangdalong

In 1870, the shop was opened up. The knives and scissors named “Double Lions” have the best reputation, especially the scissors for dressmakers.

Add: 30 Yu Yuan Old Rd.

Tel: +86 21 63287635

Zhang Xiao Quan Knives and Scissors Shop zhangxiaoquan

According to the record, the earliest Zhang Xiao Quan Knives and Scissors Shop was built in 1911. Later there were several such shops in Shanghai. In 1956, three Zhang Xiao Quan Shops merged into one. There are various scissors for different uses in the shop

Add: 490 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63223858

Wuliangcai Glasses Shop wuliangcai

Wuliangcai opened a jewel and jade ware shop in 1720, he sold glasses also. The glasses business developed greatly, he turned his shop to a glasses shop with the name of Wuliangcai. It has produced Wuliangcai glasses since 1896. This glass has advantages of high elasticity, no deformation, anti- corrosion and fadeless.

Add: 456 Nanjing Rd.(E)

Tel: +86 21 63500538

Cao Su Gong Ink Shop caosugong

The Cao Su Gong Ink Shop was moved from Anhui Province to Shanghai in 1864. It has produced and sold ink for more than 100 years. In 1914, Cao Su Gong ink won the gold medal in the Tokyo Expo.

Add: 167 Jinling Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63280627

Lao Jie Fu Commercial Building laojiefu

It was the largest silks and satins shop in Shanghai in 1936. It deals in silks and satins, gong satins, silks with embroidery and silk and satin quilt covers. It was rebuilt to Lao Jie Fu Commercial Building in 1993.

Add: 257 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Wang Xing Ji Fan Shop wangxingji

It was moved to Shanghai from Hangzhou in 1937. It is specialized in sandalwood fan with beautifully painted landscapes on it. Wang Xing Ji is regarded as the Fans King by people now.

Add: 155 Xiazang Rd. (S)

Xin Guang Optical Instruments Shop xinguang

Xin Guang Optical Instrument Shop, an old shop formerly called Wanjing, is in fact the city’s most famous shop specializing in both old and new optical instruments and second-hand instruments. Its staff are also among the very few people in Shanghai who can repair old cameras. It sold only modern products for a while after changing its name to the present Xin Guang, but recently resumed dealing in old and antique optical instruments.

Add: At the junction of Huaihai Rd. (M) and Yandang Rd.

Heng Da Li Watch and Clock Shop hengdali

It was opened by a French man in 1864. Later it was transferred many times and the business situation has been quite good. The total sale of the shop is the highest in the clock field of Shanghai for many years.

Add: 262 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Heng Yuan Xiang Knitting Wool Shop hengyuanxiang

Founded in 1927, Shanghai Heng Yuan Xiang Knitting Wool Company Ltd. is a Chinese old name shop. It has 5 factories with more than 30 production lines. It has a capacity of producing over 10,000 tons of knitting wool.

Add: 358 Jinling Rd. (M)

Tel: +86 21 63268888

Lao Feng Xiang Silver Shop laofengxiang

Created in 1848, it is the only old shop with a history of one and half century. It deals in gold and silver ornaments, jade ware and etc.

Add: 432 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63516299

Mao Chang Glasses Shop maochang_glasses

Opened in 1923, it was one of the glasses shops in Shanghai. It was reconstructed and renovated in 1992. The shop offers services of optometry on call, mail-order glasses, glasses advisory and etc.

Add: 762 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63223839

Duo Yun Xuan duoyunxuan

Duo Yun Xuan is an old gallery of calligraphy and painting in Shanghai with a history of more than 100 years. Since liberation in 1949 it has engaged in the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper). Now it has two special businesses, one is the self-made letter paper, the other is the collection of ancient paintings and calligraphy.

Add: 422 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63510060

Lei Yong Shang Pharmacy leiyongshang

Founded in 1734, it is a national famous brand in field of the pharmacy with a long history. It mainly serves all kinds of Chinese medicines.

Add: 398 Hankou Rd.

Tel: +86 21 63503535

Ren Shou Tang Pharmacy renshoutang

It is a famous Chinese old name shop dealing in medical materials, ginseng, pilose antler and various Chinese and western medicines. There are also medical experts for on-the-spot diagnosis.

Add: 565-567 Jiangsu Rd.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang beijing_tongrentang

Created in 1669, it was a Chinese medicine shop passed on from generation to generation.

Add: 1672 Yan’an Rd. (W)

Tel: +86 21 62949837

Tong Han Chun Tang Pharmacy tonghanchun

Opened in 1783, Tong Han Chun Tang (Yuyuan) Pharmacy is the first pharmacy of garden-style, with long corridor, courtyard and pavilion.

Add: 20 Yuyuan Xin Rd.

Tel: +86 21 63731232, 63550308

Cai Tong De Tang Pharmacy caitongdetang

Created in 1882, it is a Chinese old name shop. It deals in medical materials, prepared herbal medicine in small pieces, ginseng, antler, pill of Chinese medicine, medicinal extract and liquor, various Chinese and western medicines and medical appliances.

Add: 450 Nanjing Rd. (E)

Tel: +86 21 63221160

Yu Tian Cheng Tang Pharmacy yutiancheng

Founded in 1782, it is one of the oldest medicine shops in China. There are prepared Chinese herbal medicines in small pieces and pills, medicinal extract and etc.

Add: 268 Zhongshan Rd. (M), Song Jiang District

Tel: +86 21 57816853

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