Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai, a city that never sleeps, has the most colorful nightlife in China. And the night view of Shanghai is wonderful!

The Bund

When the street lights along the Huangpu River are turned on, all the buildings in multinational styles along East Zhongshan No. 1 Road are like donning a golden new dress shining with brightness. The buildings are sketching out a unique landscape of Shanghai together with Lujiazhui across the river. At times like this, the bars in the old buildings along the Bund (they are mostly located on the top floor terrace) are the good places to have a cup of wine while enjoying a nice view of the night by the Huangpu River.

Shanghai Nightlife-The Bund

Huangpu River Night Cruise

Shanghai Shiliupu water tourist center has the longest tour harbor along the Huangpu River bank line. There is a waiting hall, water-view bar, restaurant and all kinds of tourist services. Now there are more than 30 cruisers on operation, from standard level to deluxe level, such as the Princess, Pujiang Cruising, Qiangsheng, and so on.

Shanghai Nightlife-Huangpu River Cruise

Pudong Riverside Promenade – The Best Place to Enjoy the Beautiful Night View of the Bund

The night view of the Bund is the most beautiful view in Shanghai, and the best place to enjoy it is the Pudong Riverside Promenade, on the eastern bank of the Huangpu River. Standing on the waterside terrace, you can look far into the distance – the buildings along the Bund, with the name of “Museum of World Architectures”, are glittering and translucent with light and shade fluctuated, looking resplendent and magnificent.

Shanghai Nightlife-Pudong Riverside Promenade

Fashionable Vanguard – Xintiandi

The Xintiandi in Shanghai leads the newest fashion, the most classical painting exhibition, the world-fashion banquet, the most modern fashion show, and the most graceful appointment. Yet, it is a place you can not miss in your Shanghai trip.

Shanghai Nightlife-Xintiandi

Glistening & Dazzling Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway, the No.1 shopping street in China, is well-known for its flourishing. When night falls, the street, with more people than the day time, is glistening & dazzling by all kinds of advertisements and neon lights.

Shanghai Nightlife-Nanjing Road

Noble and Elegant Huaihai Road

The decorations of shops on both sides of the Huaihai Road are refined. There is a strong flavor of the metropolitan culture and leisure, not only on the faces of the buildings but also on the inside layout. At night, the attraction of Huaihai Road is by no means inferior to the day time.

Shanghai Nightlife-Huaihai Road

Classic Beauty – Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Buildings in the style of the Ming and Qing dynasties are gathered in the Yuyuan Tourist Mart. Modern shops are inside of them. This character of ancient appearance, fashionable interior and the original landscape are in perfect harmony. When night falls, the graceful halls, the zigzag bridge, and the Mid-Lake Pavilion look fantastic.

Shanghai Nightlife-Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Solemn and Magnificent People’s Square

The People’s Square is the largest public square in Shanghai. The City Hall, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Urban Planning and Exhibition Center are located around the square. At night, the huge light and musical fountain and thousands of lamplight add radiance and beauty to each other.

Shanghai Nightlife-People's Square


Xujiahui is the new uprising commercial area in the south-western part of Shanghai. Many modern shopping malls like the Metro City, Grand Gateway, Orient Shopping Center, and Pacific Department Store are gathered here. It is one of the most prosperous shopping areas in Shanghai. The night view here is brilliantly illuminated. Lamplight from show windows and floodlight of the commercial buildings add radiance and beauty to each other.

Shanghai Nightlife-Xujiahui

Jing’an Temple

This is a particularly special view of the urban night in Shanghai. The bright glare of the millennium-old Jing’an Temple and the fashion department stores, the faint glimmer of Jing’an Park and the neon-flashing skyscrapers coexist in the same space, shuttling between the ancient and modern times with an incomparable fantasy.

Shanghai Nightlife-Jing'an Temple

The Cool Docks

Here was once the famous Shiliupu Pier, and the sailing ships and boats presented a prosperous scene. Now, the old houses here turned into a fashion world of restaurants and bars. Under the color of night, people of all colors gathering here are just like having exotic parties.

Shanghai Nightlife-The Cool Docks

Global Atmosphere – Hengshan Road

Hengshan Road is the largest bar street in Shanghai. Mansions in the style of Western Europe locate here one after another. The open courtyard with enclosing wall fills up foreign air. You can find every thing here, for eating, drinking, or playing.

Shanghai Nightlife-Hengshan Road

Colorful Wujiaochang

Wujiaochang is a comprehensive shopping center of department stores, supermarkets and specialty stores, and it will be your favorite place to go shopping. The lights on the buildings of Pinault Printemps-Redoute, Orient Shopping Center, Pacific Department Store and eggshell on the sunken plaza are shining, which bring ever-bright to this narrow place.

Shanghai Nightlife-Wujiaochang

ERA – Intersection of Time

By means of sound, light, electronic, water screen and multi-medium, it comprises acrobatics, original music, dance and martial arts. It appears a style of great masters with traditional Chinese arts and modern technologies.

Shanghai Nightlife-ERA

Old Jazz Band

Founded in 1980, the old jazz band in Peace Hotel is one of the most famous bands in Shanghai. It consists of 6 old men with an average age of over 70 years. They have attracted millions of guests from all over the world.

Shanghai Nightlife-Old Jazz Band

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