Shanghai Cultural & Creative Industrial Parks

Bridge 8Bridge 8

Bridge 8 Fashion Creative Park, the name of a project of the renovation of the old factory buildings, is on the site of a former automobile factory. Now it is a platform for all kinds of creation advisory service teams to develop their domestic business. It comprises offices, exhibition, business advisory, and brand promotion, advisory of enterprise registration, information exchange, education & training into one. The aim of providing a platform for different creation industry is reflected in the name of the metaphor of bridge. It means to mix history with modernization, to link domestic style, culture and talent with that of the world, to connect Chinese customer with foreign consultant.

Add: 8-10 Jianguo Rd.(M)

Tian Zi WorkshopTian Zi Workshop

The building was an old factory in 1950’s. In May 2000, some 20,000 square meters of the old building were renovated. Now featuring interior designing, visual art, arts & crafts, it has attracted more than 70 units from 18 countries and regions.

Add: 210 Taikang Rd.

Dong Da Ming Art Creation StockDong Da Ming Art Creation Stock

Built in 1925, it was originally a warehouse of a bank. Later it became home to buildings of a storage and transportation company. Now after renovation, it turns into a space isolated from the outside warehouse. On the second floor, there are some works of art hanging up and many art exhibitions. The whole space is divided into some sections by big columns. This huge demonstration space provides artists with the best workrooms.

Add: 713 Dongdaming Rd.

X2 Creation SpaceX2 Creation Space

Renovated from old factory buildings of 1970’s, it remains the old frame, the indoor design and decorations are totally changed. There is an electric screen with the IT information at the entrance. The demonstration center is on the first floor. On the 6th floor there is a roof garden. And it has some loft for resting on the second to fourth floor.

Add: 20 ChalingRd.(N), Xuhui District

M50 Creative GardenM50 Creative Garden

M50, an open creation park, has introduced some 100 artists and designing units. They are from 16 countries and regions such as Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Norway, Chinese Hong Kong and ten more provinces of China. The designing units include art gallery, fashion design, plane design, architectural design, film and TV production and etc.

Add: 50 Moganshan Rd.

Sea on ShanghaiSea on Shanghai

Consisting of 3 loft houses, the Sea on Shanghai Creation Park is built on the original base of a factory. It has a very modernized appearance. The ceiling height is as the same of the old warehouse. Sea on Shanghai is composed of 3 parts with different architectural styles. The 3 parts are creative shopping street, creative business loft and creative ecology house. The difference of it from other creation park is it put the “MO” (Mobile Office) idea as their goal of the construction. In this way, work and leisure is no longer two conflicting conceptions.

Add: 600 Feihong Rd.

Tong Le WorkshopTong Le Workshop

In 1920’s, it was an industrial zone with tens of small lane factories in the west part of Shanghai. The first screen printing factory of the China was also here. Occupying a construction space of 20,000 square meters, this place is made into a large-scaled bar and catering zone.

Add: in block of Xikang Rd. and Yuyao Rd.

Zhoujiaqiao — Creation GateZhoujiaqiao --- Creation Gate

It was originally a factory’s building. After a creative renovation, it becomes into a special place with a meaning of creation. There is a function room to meet the needs of exhibitions and meetings.

Add: 2453 Wanhangdu Rd.

Yangpu Riverside Creation ParkYangpu Riverside Creation Park

It was the originating site of the Chinese industry. It was called by the expert of UNESCO “the largest industry belt area only preserved in the world”. With a total construction space of 50,000 square meters, the riverside creation park was set up in this area in 2004. It comprises the original environmental design, construction design, industrial design, audio and visual design, fashion design, and software design areas. It is a modernized services base.

Add: Yangshupu Rd.

Zhuoxiong 700Zhuoxiong 700

There was a factory in this place in 1930s. In 2003, the 3 buildings were renovated to a creation park, Zhuo Xiong 700. This park comprises film & TV, cartoon, Ad design, software development, investment advisory and project design into one park. In 2005, the second phase of the renovation was put on. An office building with the construction area of 4,000 square meters has a series of safety measures in it.

Add: 700 Huangpi Rd.(S)

Si Hang StorageSi Hang Storage

Built in 1920’s, this warehouse has a heavy dark iron gate. Now the storage with its grey columns, white ceiling, black steel rope and the frame of different size began to use a new name, the creation storage. The creation park has an area of 12,000 square meters. There is a creation exhibition hall of 400 square meters. It has introduced style design, film and TV design, digital network, photo and film arts, cartoon, game, art and culture and information advisory.

Add: 1 Guangfu Rd.

Shanghai Sculpture SpaceShanghai Sculpture Space

Located inside the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the museum has collected and displayed more than 400 instruments. It has 4 parts, the Chinese Ancient Instruments, the Present Chinese Instruments, the Instruments of China’s Minority Nationalities and the Instruments of Foreign Minority Nationalities. The musical instruments of the foreign minority nationalities are from Korea, India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Australia and West African countries and regions.

Add: 570 Huaihai Rd.(E)


This 1930s building and the one-time largest abattoir in East Asia, has been reconstructed into a new recreational destination, bringing together clothing boutiques, tech shops and restaurants. The glass-floored gallery on the top level isn’t for those afraid of heights.

Add: 4/F, Building 3, No. 10 Shajing Rd.

D1 International Creative SpaceD1 International Creative Space

D1 International Creative Space covers an area of around 1 hectare. The building area is composed of 3 buildings. D1 internal layout maintains the large space of original storage, thus it can provide fully creative freedom to each industry individual. D1 park is orientated as the creative industry gathering area. It invites digital oriented creative enterprises settled, such as animation, online games, software, advertising, design, film and television, networks and so on. At present, there are many well-known enterprises settled here.

Add: No. 909 Tianyaoqiao Rd., Xuhui District

1918 ArtSPACE1918 ArtSPACE

The basis and focus for art and culture-related events at 1918 ArtSPACE will be the works of Chinese contemporary artists, while at the same time looking to embrace the international art world, by bringing together the best works of Chinese and foreign artists to engage in a dialogue and exchange of art and culture.

Add: 78 Changping Rd. (Near Suzhou Rd.(W) )

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