Shanghai Circus World: China’s No. 1 Circus World

Completed in 1999, the Shanghai Circus World covers an area of 22,500 square meters. It’s a brand new scenic spot for cultural tourism that integrating circus, acrobatic, magic, dancing and music performances. With its unique architectural features, such as the golden, dome-like roof, Shanghai Circus World has become another new landmark structure in Shanghai.


As “China’s No. 1 Circus World”, it has an acrobatic field as its main body, which has 1,638 seats. The field is equipped with modern lighting facilities, stereo surrounding sound systems, and platforms, suspension bars, suspension curtains and a digital tuning station controlled by computers. The design of the performance area has made a breakthrough of the traditional style. A rotating stage, an elevating stage and a picture-frame stage are set up at the performance area, which meets the requirement of acrobatic and circus competitions and performances, as well as providing an excellent space for general dancing and music performances.


There are two most famous and popular programs which have regular performances here. They are ‘ERA Intersection of Time’, which is unique and comparable to the tradition of the Broadway Musical, and ‘Happy Circus’, which is an excellent circus with animal acts, breathtaking acrobatics and humorous clowns. Shanghai Circus World has an enormous animal house, the warm home of the animals. There are elephants’ flats, beasts’ suite, man-made seawater sea lions’ house, pandas’ home, horses’ house, etc.


The Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular ‘ERA Intersection of Time’ is in fact a stunning acrobatic show combining traditional Chinese arts and modern technologies. The performers present Chinese acrobatics, martial arts and dance perfectly in harmony with the music, sound, lighting, and other special effects, which include a water screen. While you marvel at the highly proficient skills of the performers, the story of China’s evolution from its ancient past to the future is told.


Shanghai Circus World also host a variety of large-scale magic and acrobatic shows, as well as the annual Shanghai International Magic Festival and Competition, held in early November.

Add: 2266 Gonghexin Rd., Shanghai

Public transport: Shanghai Circus World is best reached by taking Metro Line 1 to Shanghai Circus World station.

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