Shanghai Bike Tours

Cycling is a modern, fashionable and economical way to discover a city. Cycling in Shanghai will give you so much pleasure and a closer look at this open and diverse city.

Shanghai Bike Tour

Note: In the following cycling routes, E means ride to east, W means ride to west, S means ride to south and N means ride to north.

1: Secrets of Shanghai

Shikumen Shikumen, a traditional Shanghainese architectural style, combines the features of Chinese and Western houses. Let’s depart from the “heart” Shanghai – People’s Square to explore the secrets of Shanghai Shikumen.

Cycling Route:

People’s Avenue (W) – North Huangpi Road (S) – West Jinling Road (W) – North Chengdu Road (S) – Xingye Road (E) – Xintiandi Area – Xingye Road (W) – Yandang Road (N) – Nanchang Road (W) – South Maoming Road (S) – Side door of Rujin Hotel – Yongjia Road (E) – Ruijin No. 2 Road (S) – West Jianguo Road (W) – Cite Bourgogne – South Shanxi Road (N) – Shaoxing Road (E) – Second Ruijin Road (S) – Taikang Road – Tianzifang – Taikang Road (E) – Si’nan Road (N) – Middle Fuxing Road (E) – Fuxing Park (E) (turn left at Bank of Shanghai) – Madang Road (N)- Xintiandi Area.

Shanghai Xintiandi, renovated from Shikumen alleys

Passing by the flying doves and the musical fountain at People’s Square, you cycle all the way to stop at the Xintiandi, a popular place for bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Next, you come to the Cite Bourgogne where Mr. Ba Jin finished his Dream of Sea, and run into Tianzifang-a creativity park. At an unexpected turn appears Ruijin Hotel which accommodated many leaders in the past. It is wonderful to have afternoon tea at FACE. Si’nan Road sheltered by plane trees is a place called “Corner of Better-off People” by Shanghainese. Many former residences and apartments of celebrities can be found around every corner.

2. A Bicycle Tour around the Legendary European-style Buildings (Xuhui)

The ancient European-style buildings in Shanghai reflect the glorious history of Shanghai.

Cycling Route 1:

Tourist Service Center on Wukang Road – Wukang Road – Ferguson Lane – Wukang Road – Hunan Road – Baoli Hotel – Hunan Road – Gaoyou Road – West Fuxing Road – Fuxing Xili – Huashan Road – Anfu Road – Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center – Wukang Road – Hunan Road – Rumors – 1984 Bookstore – Yongfu Road – Yongfoo Elite – West Fuxing Road – Xuhui Art Museum – Middle Fuxing Road – Blackstone Apartment – Fenyang Road – Shanghai Conservatory of Music – Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts – Ambrosia-Peace Mansion – Yueyang Road – Dongping Road – Love House (Chiang Kai-shek’s Former Residence) and Sasha’s – Dongping Road – Parking – Taojiang Road – The Cottage Café

Wukang Road, Shanghai

Cycling Route 2:

Xujiahui Origin Tourist Center – Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei – Xujiahui Cathedral – Xujiahui Observatory – North Caoxi Road – Nandan Road – Xu Guangqi’s Tomb – Wending Road – Puhuitang Road – Tushanwan (Tou-Se-We) Museum – North Caoxi Road – IKEA – North Caoxi Road – Tianlin Road – SVA Creative Park – Cangwu Road – Caobao Road – Guilin Park – Caobao Road – Longcao Road – Longhua Road – Longhua Martyr’s Cemetery – Longhua Temple – Longhua Road – 2577

Xujiahui Cathedral, Shanghai

Cycling under the shade of plane trees, the houses in foreign styles tell you the stories of old Shanghai. Passing through several historical streets like Hengshan Road, Fenyang Road, Wukang Road and Fuxing Road, you will find many old houses including La Villa Rouge where China’s national anthem was composed, Former Residence of Soong Chingling, White House in Shanghai, and Normandy Apartment, etc.

3. 1930-2014

Let’s ride to enjoy the wonderful old Shanghai in 1930s and the fashionable modern city.

Cycling Route:

People’s Avenue (W) – North Huangpi Road (S) – West Jinling Road (W) – North Chengdu Road (S) – Xingye Road (E) – Madang Road (S) – Zizhong Road (E) – Taipingqiao Park (E) – Dongtai Road Antique Market – Zizhong Road (E) – South Xizang Road (N) – Middle Fangbang Road (E) – Shanghai Old Street – Yuyuan Garden – City God Temple (Chenghuangmiao of Shanghai) – Middle Fangbang Road (W) – Zhonghua Road (go straight) – Dongmen Road (E) – Waixiangua Street – East Fuxing Road – Ferry at Shiliupu Wharf – Fucheng Road (N) –Pudong Riverside Promenade (Binjiang Avenue) – Fucheng Road (S) – Ferry – Dongmen Road (W) – Zhonghua Road (N) – Renmin Road (W) – The Bund

Pudong Riverside Promenade (Binjiang Avenue), Shanghai

Dongtai Road Antique Street is hued with another color of this city. The street is stored with pottery and porcelain, calligraphy and paintings, electric fans and lighters. You should not miss Shanghai Old Street and City God Temple to have a glimpse of all sorts of occupations in old China. Across the river on ferry, Binjiang Avenue shines with the “brightly-lit” Bund on the other side and boats decorated with neon lights on the Huangpu River. What a sight!

4. A Bike Tour around Zhujiajiao Ancient Town – “Venice of Shanghai”

In Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, villages and markets appeared as early as more than 1,700 years ago. During the Wanli Period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it became a prosperous market town teeming with businessmen and residences. Here, you can find a great variety of special delicious snacks, such as Ge Hengsheng Zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings), pork rolls, and braised pork trotters.

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Shanghai

Cycling Route (50km):

Shanghai Indoor Stadium – Caoxi Road – Humin Road – Shensong Road – Shenzhuan Road – Shenzhuan Highway – Zhufeng Highway – Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Tip: In case you are too exhausted to ride back to downtown, you can take Light Rail 9 at Sheshan Station.

5. A Bike Tour around Chongming Island

Chongming Island, the third largest island in China, has unique environment which has been endowed by Mother Nature. Cycling along the loop highway around Chongming Island, you will quickly leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and get closer to the soul of nature.

Chongming Island, Shanghai

(1): A Short-distance Cycling Route (about 6km): a tour around historical and cultural sites.

Yingzhou Park – Xincheng Park – Shou’an Temple – Jin’ao Mountain – Scholastic Palace

(2):A Middle-distance Cycling Route (about 18km): a tour around the countryside park in Lvhua Town

Xisha Wetland – Mingzhu Lake – World Estuary Water Culture Exhibition Hall – Xisha Wetland

(3):A Long-distance Cycling Route (about 31km): a tour around Hengsha Island

Hengsha Pier – Xinnong Ecopark – Tianshi Holiday Resort – Hengsha Pier

Travel Tips:

Don’t forget to bring with you a camera, a map and bottled water.

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