Shandong Travel Tips

At the east end of Mainland China’s map stands a friendly province. Located at the lower reaches of the Yellow River, it holds the hub position of the three major cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, connecting the ocean and the inland.

This is Shandong, the place praised as the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the land of propriety and righteousness.

Climate Located in the warm temperate zone, Shandong is dominated by a semi-humid monsoon climate. The weather is mild with four distinct seasons. Its climate features concentrated rainfall, raining mostly during the hot season, short spring and fall, and long winter and summer. The average annual temperature is 11 – 14 degrees centigrade. The best time to visit the coastal area of Shandong Peninsula is during the summer, while the inland area is spring and fall. In the recent years, as the resort tours of wine-tasting, golfing, and hot springs keep developing and improving, the seasonal limitation of traveling in Shandong is gradually disappearing.

Local Conditions and Customs Shandong has a total population of 90 million, of which the Han nationality constitutes 90%. Hui nationality has the largest population among the minorities, constituting more than 95% of the total minority population. Folks in Shandong are simple and honest, gallant and generous, friendly and warm-hearted. “Shandong Da Han ( Big guy) ” is the nickname to describe Shandong people’s nature and physique. Shandong enjoys rich local traditions, stressing affection for hometown, friends, and families. During the traditional festivals, such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, the Pure Brightness Festival (Qingming Festival), Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Double Ninth Festival, lantern carnivals, mountain fairs, and temple fairs, all kinds of local entertaining activities are held everywhere. You can join the local people and attend folk celebrations such as land boat dancing, yangko dancing, walking on stilts, wick-carrying, and kite flying, etc.





Tourist Support Service Shandong people are generous, warm-hearted and friendly. With their simplicity, honesty, and hospitability, you will become a local without even noticing it, making your trip easy and pleasant. And there are 730 star-rated hotels and nearly 1,897 international/domestic travel agencies in Shandong, providing premium services for you. Anyhow, if you need any information or have any complaint when traveling in Shandong, you can just call 12301 (Dial the number directly while you are in Shandong), which is the phone number for Shandong Tourism Information & Complaints.


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