Shandong: The Hometown of Confucius

Each place has its unique landscapes and culture. The immortal spirits of the “mountains, rivers and sages” silently cover the land of Shandong with a history of several thousand years, turning the province a place that numerous people in the world are yearning for. With profound and deep cultural accumulations, Shandong makes tourists enter the hall of the Eastern civilization without knowing.

The mountains and rivers in Shandong are impressive for their powerful sweep, like a number of bold and unconstrained splash-ink landscape paintings. Mount Tai, one of China’s five sacred peaks, rises abruptly here, towering into the clouds; the Yellow River, the mother river of the nation of China, flows into the sea from here; the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, the longest canal in China, goes through the land, in addition to over 3,000 kilometers of coastlines along the Shandong Peninsula and several hundred beautiful islands. The most shaking power is that Shandong concentrates the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture.


Shandong is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization. Dating back to the Pleistocene epoch of the Cenozoic era, “Yiyuan Man”, who appeared at the same period of “Peking Man”, began to live and procreate on this land. Shandong, the land of propriety and righteousness, is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. More than 2,500 years ago, Sage Confucius was born here. Travelling through various states and leaving his footprints all over the famous mountains and major rivers, Confucius should claim the title of the beginner of self-guided tours.



Mount Tai is also the place that Confucius once visited. In the Chinese history, the most important thing for the emperors of the past ages was to go to Mount Tai, where the emperor offered sacrifices to heaven so as to prove they received assignments from heaven. It was only in Mount Tai, the feudal emperors drew supreme power resources and felt they were so insignificant. Then the emperors offered sacrifices to Confucius to prove they were the successors of the history and culture of the whole nation so as to win the support from the people all over the country. Offering sacrifices to Mount Tai and Confucius was the most sacred. Only at the sacrificial ceremonies, the emperors would lower their noble heads and pay respects to culture and history.

It is Shandong, a sacred land with profound history and culture.




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