Shandong Hot Spring Tour

With abundant geothermal resources, Shandong is a typical hot spring province. Today it has developed some unique hot spring resorts for tourists to relax and enjoy therapy on the road.


 Qingdao Tiantai Holiday Hot Spring

Located in Qingdao, it faces the Yellow Sea to the east and is half circled by the mountains. The resort is a combination of natural ocean hot springs and a golf course. You can enjoy meticulous care while golfing. Apart from golfing, you can enjoy a sun bath in the Spanish-style beach if you come here in summer; or you can go skiing in the Tiantai skiing park in winter.


 Jimo Hot Spring

Located in Jimo, Qingdao, the hot spring is a famous ocean hot spring resort. Overlooking the sea by the mountainside, the resort features a pleasant climate and relaxing hot spring bathing. The place is famous for treating arthritis with its unique mud therapy.


 Tianmu Hot Spring

Located in Wendeng, Weihai, the Tianmu Hot Spring is a five-star hot spring resort with sodium chloride mineral water. The facilities include the Outdoor Forest Nourishing Hot Spring and the Indoor Hot Spring SPA.


Tianmu-Jiangbei Water City Hot Spring Resort

The resort is located in Guan County, Liaocheng. With average temperature of 57℃ all year round, the water is rich with silicic acid and 48 other trace elements that are beneficial to human body. With indoor and outdoor hot spring zones, the facility provides therapeutic ponds of 55 different functions.


Tangbo Hot Spring Resort

Located in Wendeng, Weihai, the resort features the theme of mountain-view hot   springs. It emphasizes the oriental cultural essence of nature, relaxation, and moderate activity. The facility has three functional zones: scenic hotel, lakeside entertainment, and hot springs.

Read Tips for Taking Hot Spring Bath before you start your hot spring tour.  Oki doki, now enjoy your hot spring bathing in Shandong.

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