Rafting Along the Danjiang River

As an old saying goes, “The benevolent enjoy the mountains, the wise enjoy the waters.” It is a wonderful experience to raft in the center of the water and face the violent waves hindering the boat. Rafting along the Danjiang River is like traveling in a painting, you will meet torrents, rapids and wild ducks while beautiful sceneries take your breath. Nine bends with distinctive features are on the way, which bring you diverse experience.

Danjiang River Rafting

Originated on the southern side of the Fenghuang Mountains in the northwestern part of Shangzhou District of Shangluo City, the Danjiang River flows through Shangzhou District and Danfeng County in Shaanxi Province and passes through the two provinces of Henan and Hubei, to join the Hanjiang River. Three sections of the 443-kilometer-long river are suitable for rafting. Two of them are located in Danfeng County.

Rafting along the Danjiang River

The upper one runs from Erlang Temple in Zidi downstream to the Boatmen’s Guild Hall, totally 15 kilometers. Places of interest along this section include the “Land of the County Flower”, “Shangshan Mountains after Snow”, “Tomb of Four Elders”, “Grottoes on Liangling Mountain” and “the “feud of Shang Yang”.

Danjiang River Rafting-2

The lower section runs from the Boatmen’s Guild Hall to the spot where Xu Xiake boarded a boat to the Yueri Shoal, totally 7.5 kilometers. Waters in this section are turbulent. A local ballad sings: “There are 300 shoals in the 200-kilometer-long river. The Dragon King and the King of the Hell compete to control them”. Places of interest along this section include the “Golden Rooster Guarding the Pass”, “Dominating Rock in the River”, “Black Turtle and White Snake” and “King Hao Cutting the Mountain”. Many cliffs bear inscriptions from ancient times.

Drifting along the Danjiang River

You can ride in bamboo and rubber rafts handled by experienced boatmen to raft along the river and listen to pleasant music.

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