Qingdao Xiaoyushan Park (Little Fish Hill Park)

The Xiaoyu Shan (Little Fish Hill) stands facing the sea and is the most attractive scenic spot in the Huiquan Bay. Though the hill is not high, only 60 meters above sea level, it has marvelous vision, overlooking the Huiquan Bay and other scenic spots like Zhanqiao Pier, Little Qingdao Isle, Lu Xun Park and Badaguan (Eight Passes) Scenic Area.

Xiaoyu Shan (Little Fish Hill)

The Xiaoyu Shan is located at the junction of Yushan Road and Fushan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, covering an area of 2.5 hectares. The Xiaoyushun Park is built on the top of the hill. Styled like a classical Chinese garden, the park is characterized with distinctive pavilions, corridors and abundant flowers and trees. The sea is the theme of the buildings in the park, highlighting the fish style and wholly integrating nature and culture.

Xiaoyushan Park-Lanchao Pavilion

The three-story octagonal Lanchao Pavilion (Tide-Watching Pavilion) is the main building in the park, which is 18 meters high and was built on the hilltop. This pavilion is considered to be the best place to have a panoramic view of the city and the seashore. Looking towards west, you will see the bridges in the Qingdao Bay lying in front of high buildings and large mansions. Towards north, the unique landscapes of red tiles and green trees in Qingdao are right in front of your eyes. The high tip, cross and bell tower of Christian Church are the most conspicuous constructions. Then looking towards east, you will see the broad seawater bath field and the distant coastline.

From the top of Little Fish Hill, you can have a nice view of Qingdao City.

Two pavilions with projecting eaves covered by green tiles are built on the east and west two sides of the Lanchao Pavilion respectively, the east is the “Yongcui Pavilion” and the west is the “Bibo Pavilion”. A rectangle long corridor is built on the eastern platform, where three delicate murals were enchased. The simple paintings, lifelike figures and profound artistic conception contribute to the cultural atmosphere of the park.

Xiaoyushan Park-the corridor with delicate murals

The Xiaoyushan Park is well known as a national architectural garden in Qingdao. The buildings in Xiaoyushan Park are one of the top ten outstanding architectures in Qingdao city.

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