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  1. Qingdao International Beer Festival

    [...] Qingdao Travel Guide [...]

  2. Shandong Hot Spring Tour
    Shandong Hot Spring Tour at |

    [...] in Qingdao, it faces the Yellow Sea to the east and is half circled by the mountains. The resort is a [...]

  3. Qingdao: Chinese City, German Accent

    [...] Qingdao, where the Tsingtao Brewery created by German expatriates in 1903 continues to produce the world-renowned beer, is located at the southern tip of the Shandong Peninsula and borders on the Yellow Sea in the southeast. In fact, there is more than just that famous Tsingtao beer, the former German concession adds great charm to this city. [...]

  4. Mount Laoshan: The No.1 Mountain on the Sea

    […] Laoshan lies about 30km east of the downtown Qingdao, on the southeastern Shangdong Peninsula. With its highest peak rising 1,133 meters above sea […]

  5. Tour to Fairyland – Shandong Yantai

    […] does not have many European-style architectures as Qingdao has. But those who love Chinese ancient architectures can be satisfied here. The Mu’s Manor and […]

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