Qingdao International Beer Festival

Qingdao International Beer Festival, started in 1991, is a large scale festival of national level with combination of tourism, relaxation, culture, entertainment, and economy-trade exhibition. The slogan of the festival is “Qingdao – Ganbei with the World!” (Ganbei means bottoms up or toast).


The Festival opens on the second weekend in August every year and lasts for 16 days. During the days of Festival, the whole city takes on a festive air with all streets and alleyways beautifully decorated. A variety of activities are held during the festival, including a grand opening ceremony, beer tasting and drinking competitions, float parades, cultural and sports activities, trade exhibitions and a closing ceremony gala. The most interesting thing is that you can taste various kinds of beer. I bet you can say Ganbei fluently after the festival.


Tsingtao beer has a history as long as the city’s. Chinese and foreign people like Tsingtao beer for its good quality and taste. And local people had a habit to drink Tstingtao beer long time ago. As a “beer carnival for the citizens”, the festival attracts hundreds of beer of world-known brands from dozens of countries and over 3 million tourists from around the world every year. The festival not just offers a joyous atmosphere for the citizens and tourists, but also makes a positive contribution to Qingdao’s opening-up and economic development.


Qingdao International Beer Festival has been ranked first among the “Top 10 Chinese Festivals” for many consecutive years. It is the largest scale carnival activity in connection with wines in China, has achieved wide popularity and influence both at home and abroad, and is hailed as the biggest beer pageant in Asia.


The 23rd Qingdao International Beer Festival will take place from August 10 – 25, 2013.

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