Qingdao Beer Street

If you have ever traveled in China, you may have heard of Tsingtao beer. It’s the most famous brand of beer in China, produced in the city of Qingdao, Shandong Province. The sweet, mellow beer is probably the best-known product of the beautiful coastal city. Qingdao Beer Street, located on Dengzhou Road in the southwestern part of the city, is representative of the local beer culture.

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Near the Old Tsingtao Brewery, which is now China’s first beer museum, is the Qingdao Beer Street. When Germans invaded Qingdao in 1873, they set up their camps in this street. Germans love beer, so they found a sweet fountain in the street, which they used to make a great-tasting brew. China’s first European-style beer factory was thus born in 1903.

More than one hundred years have passed, and Dengzhou Road has become the best-known street in Qingdao. The half-mile street is now home to over 60 bars and beer shops. Every day, beer made fresh in the Qingdao Brewery Factory is sent to the shops. With fresh beer and delicious seafood, it has become a popular hangout for local residents and a good destination for tourists.


Most of the buildings on the street are done in a European style. The stones on the ground are not the usual grey and white, but green marble with red and white borders. Even the design of the manhole covers in the ground pertains to beer. The cartoon images on them are the mascots of Qingdao international beer festivals.

Manhole Cover on Qingdao Beer Street

Chairs along the street resemble a half bottle of beer. The road signs and dustbins are shaped like beer barrels.

Chairs along the Qingdao Beer Street

Visiting Qingdao, Qingdao Beer Museum is one place you shouldn’t miss. Opened in 2003 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Tsingtao Beer, it is the first beer museum in China. It takes about one hour to tour the museum. During the hour, you can get to know the history of Tsingtao beer over the past 100 years. You can see how the Tsingtao beer factory was established, developed, and has achieved its current glory. In addition, you can get to know the beer production approaches and techniques in the first beer factory in China, as well as the world’s most advanced current beer production techniques. The most treasured relic in the beer museum is a vintage machine made by Siemens. The machine has a special meaning for Siemens too. It was a milestone of the development of the company. You can read Qingdao Beer Museum for more details.

Qingdao Beer Museum

By the way, the Beer Street is also a paradise for tourists who love seafood. Qingdao is home to a variety of seafood. With a few bucks, you could have a seafood banquet in any of the numerous restaurants on the street. So don’t miss the Beer Street when you come to Qingdao!

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