Ordering a Hand-Made Cheongsam in Shanghai

If you want to order a tailor-made cheongsam in Shanghai, please go to Changle Road. A 200-meter-long section of the road sandwiched between North Shaanxi Road and South Maoming Road is known as the “Cheongsam Street”. To take a share of the market on this street, a shop must offer something special.


Ligulong Cheongsam Shop

This cheongsam shop boasts different fabrics and proprietary Chinese frog buttons. Tailors here make cheongsam for you according to your taste for color and quality of fabrics. They also divide cheongsam into spring/summer and autumn/winter categories.

ADD: 205 Changle Road, Shanghai. TEL: 021 – 5403 1515

Hanyi Cheongsam Shop

As the oldest cheongsam shop on the street, it has the most veteran tailors. This shop specializes in traditional cheongsam and embroidered cheongsam, all made by veteran tailors in their sixties or seventies. It takes at least a week to deliver an order.

ADD: 221 Changle Road, Shanghai. TEL: 021 – 5404 4727

Sinead Cheongsam Shop

Sinead, owner of this shop, used to be a senior costume designer for an opera house. This shop is known for its cheongsam with hand-painted designs. Tailors here even use London plane tree leaves as the prototype for the pattern of their hand-painted cheongsam.

ADD: 231-233 Changle Road, Shanghai. TEL: 021 – 5404 1275

Other Recommendations

Going eastward along Changle Road and turning right at the next intersection, you will enter South Maoming Road, a street renowned for “High-Class Tailor-Made Suits”. The cheongsam shops here hire well-known designers to make internationally-styled cheongsam, often with a higher price tag.

Continuing southward, you will pass the Cathay Theatre and cross Middle Huaihai Road. The cheongsam shops on this section of South Maoming Road specialize in fashionable and modern styles. Office ladies in Shanghai will definitely visit this place to find dresses for their forthcoming parties.

Leaves Fashion Cheongsam Shop

This is a popular destination for ladies. The owner of the shop is a talented designer, adding dynamic fashion elements to Chinese traditional cheongsam. From classical to reformed, cheongsam shape the charming silhouettes of ladies.

ADD: 72 South Maoming Road, Shanghai. TEL: 021 – 6431 4398

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