Ningbo Transportation

Ningbo generally becomes the central city in the south wing of Yangtze River Delta and important traffic hub in East China. It enjoys convenient transportation with modern railway, expressway, sea transportation, and aviation network.


Located 13 kilometers southwest from the downtown area, Ningbo Lishe International Airport enjoys convenient traffic. It takes only 30 minutes from the airport to the main railway station, bus stations, entrances of expressways, and the downtown area. At present, you can fly from Ningbo to over 30 cities in Mainland China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Dalian, Urumqi, Harbin, Kunming and Lanzhou, and Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as many foreign countries.

Ningbo Lishe International Airport

You can go to the airport by shuttle bus, which departs from the CAAC Ticket Office at No. 91, Xingning Road, Jiangdong District.


Ningbo has established a railway network leading to all directions. You can go to cities in the west and north like Shanghai and Nanjing by Xiaoshan-Ningbo Railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou special train, Nanjing-Hangzhou Railway, Shanghai-Ningbo Railway (cross Hangzhou Bay); go to cities in the south like Xiamen and Guangzhou by Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway; go to cities in the southwest like Jinhua by Ningbo-Jinhua Raiway; and Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway links Ningbo to the Midwest Area.

Ningbo Railway Station

Ningbo Railway Station

Address: No. 19 East Nanzhan Road, Haishu District.


Expressways links Ningbo with dozens of cities inside and outside Zhejiang Province. Ningbo has several bus stations, such as Ningbo Passenger Transport Center, Ningbo South Bus Station, Ningbo East Bus Station, and Ningbo North Bus Station, etc.


Ningbo Port Passenger Transport Center is located in Jiangbei Wharf, and the ticket office is situated at No. 142 Zhongma Road.

Port of Ningbo

Daxie Wharf: You can take express vessel to Putuo Mountain from Daxie Wharf.

Baifeng Wharf: You can take bus No. 558 from South Bus Station to Baifeng Wharf.

Urban Transport

Public Bus

There are many public buses in Ningbo and it is convenient to go to the scenic area by bus. The price is 2 yuan for most of buses. As for the long route, some buses are charged by section and the prices are different.


The flag-down rate is 10 yuan for the first 3.5 kilometers, and the main types of the taxi are Santana, Suotana, Citroen, Fukang, and so on.

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