Nanjing Golf Tour

Nanjing, located on hilly land, has an undulating terrain featuring abundant and diverse vegetation. It provides the ideal location for top-class golf courses.

Nanjing Zhongshan International Golf Club

Zhongshan International Golf Club, with an area of 244 hectares, is located on the eastern foot of Purple Mountain. Its predecessor was “Suburb Golf Course”, constructed by the government of the Republic of China in 1934 for the purpose of entertaining domestic officials and foreign ambassadors.

Nanjing Zhongshan International Golf Club

The club now has a 27-hole golf course (including an 18-hole floodlit golf course), designed by Gary Player in accordance with international tournament standards. Gary Player, known as the “Black Knight” in its industry, blends the wonderful terrain and scenery of Purple Mountain into the golf course design, bringing fun and challenge to every player. EDSA, Belt Collins and WATG, the top international design groups, work respectively on the general planning, landscape design and clubhouse construction.

The club is also well-equipped with driving range, five-star hotel, clubhouse, and high-end villas.

Address: No. 9 Huanling Road, Nanjing.

Travel tips: The club enjoys excellent geographic position, as it takes only 20 minutes by car to the downtown.

Nanjing Gingkolake International Golf Club

Gingkolake International Golf Club is located in Guli Town, Jiangning District, in the southern suburbs of Nanjing. Designed by David Jonsa, Gingko Lake Golf Course is one of the top international standard golf courses in the world, with 27-hole and a total fairway length of 10,800 yards. It not only holds the golf styles of being natural, harmonious and elegant, but also absorbs Chinese countryside unique features. Each fairway is individualized but unified in style. With unique natural environment, the course has a sightseeing area, with ancient trees of up to a thousand years old and camellia of 66.7 hectares, sand bunker, green, clear water pond, hills and ginkgoes, providing you a pleasant environment for golf-playing.

Nanjing Gingkolake International Golf Club

In addition, the club is also equipped with a pro-shop, a dining hall and an open-air bar.

Address: Guli Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing.

Travel tips: The club enjoys convenient traffic. It takes only 15 minutes’ drive from Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone to the club.

Nanjing Sun Island Golf Club

Sun Island Golf Club in Nanjing is near the mountain and by the river. It has an 18-hole, 72-par golf course with a total fairway length of 7,041 yards. The course, designed by Nelson & Haworth, the famous golf course designer group, cleverly combines the characteristics of the terrain, landform and vegetation and fully embodies the beauty of Nanjing. The entire layout is nestled in a natural setting, with sparkling running water flowing into lakes and lush ancient trees and flowering plants scattered everywhere.

Nanjing Sun Island Golf Club

Add: The West Bank of Yanzhi River, Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area, Lishui County, Nanjing.

Travel tips: The club is 67 km away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and 100 km away from the center of Nanjing.

Nanjing Harvard Golf Club

Located in the Pearl Spring Scenic Area in the northwestern suburbs of Nanjing, Nanjing Harvard Golf Club is the oldest international golf course in Nanjing, with 18-hole, 72-par, and a total fairway length of 6893 yards. The club, surrounded by spectacular scenery, well-manicured bunkers, naturally fitted creeks and ponds, is a good place for business travel, leisure and entertainment.

Nanjing Harvard Golf Club

Address: No. 176 Zhenzhu Street, Pukou District, Nanjing.

Travel tips: The club is only 30 minutes away from the downtown Nanjing.

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