Mount Yao, Henan

Mount Yao, also known as Mount Shiren, is located at the west of the Lushan County of Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Mount Yao Scenic Area is a marvelous collection of various sceneries, boasting steep peaks, fancy rocks, wild flowers, red leaves, rushing waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, sea of clouds, primary forests, rare animals and many historical sites. There are 17 waterfalls with a height between 60 and 200 meters, more than 40 natural pillars and lots of other sights scattered all over the area. It may be described as a combination of the precipitous appeal of Huashan Mountain, the steepness of Mount Emei, the beauty of Zhangjiajie and the elegance of Mount Huangshan.

Mount Shiren Scenic Area, Henan

With mountains rising as steep as walls, peaks standing like grotesque statues, fantastic stones scattering everywhere, the scenery of Mount Yao is distinctive. The mountains in the scenic area have a granite stratum. Thousands of years of weathering made mountain ridges change sharply, represented by many tall rocky peaks, precipitous cliffs and deep valleys. There are nearly 100 peaks with a height of 2,000 meters above sea level. Looking around in the distance, the peaks hide in the clouds and smokes while at a close look they have the magnificence of Chinese palaces.

Mount Yao, Henan

The waters make up a painting of landscape while the stones form a poem of landscape. The most impressive sceneries of the area are the springs, brooks, waterfalls and pools. Hundreds of springs, like fairies in the mountain, flow into limpid brooks, changing into waterfalls. The water constantly dripping wears holes in stones and the holes develop into pools. There are Black Dragon Pool, White Dragon Pool, etc., hiding in the valleys and forests. Among all the waterfalls, the White Dragon Waterfall is the most magnificent. The water directly falls from the top of the hill like a dragon flying down with the sound like a tiger roaring. At the bottom, the beads of water float gently down to the surface of the pool. In the air, the mist is mixed with clouds and water sprays.

Mount Yao Scenic Area-White Dragon Waterfall

The pine trees in the Mount Yao are quite unique due to special weather and high altitude. Roots or trunks are entwined together, revealing emerald green leaves; some roots are extremely similar to fingers of dragons; some in the distance look like certain Chinese characters while on the whole they form a landscape painting. Thus, they are well entitled the name of “Fancy Pines”. In the scenic area, there are large expanses of virgin forests, rare ancient forests of azalea trees and so on, which provided a good habitat for rare birds and animals. Walking in the area, you can see squirrels skipping around everywhere, birds chirping in the forests, monkeys climbing up trees.

Fancy Pines in the Mount Yao

The view of Mount Yao is beautiful all the year round. When spring comes, Mount Yao is a world of twittering birds, fragrant flowers, green trees and singing streams. The autumn dyes all the woods red over the mountains. Then, the snow in winter turns them into a sea of pure white waves. The early summer brings overdue flowers to the mountains.

Autumn colors on the Mount Yao

Having feasted your eyes on the natural scenery, you can then relax by immersing in the hot springs of the scenic area. Along the Sand River Valley at the foot of Mount Yao, there are five groups of hot springs. Moreover, the Mount Yao Scenic Area is dotted with other scenic spots, including a folk custom valley, a temple of Confucius, a Mountain Villa, and the largest aeronautic exhibition center in Asia. Mount Yao Scenic Area is an ideal place for sightseeing, summer holidays, health-restoring, science research and adventure.

Travel Tips:

1.The most marvelous roadway on the Mount Yao is the slidway, which is over 2,000 meters long, zigzagging down the mountain in the thick forests. You can enjoy the sliding and experience once more the past happiness of childhood.

Mount Yao Slidway

2.Shifeng Cableway, 999 meters long with a height of 341 meters, runs from the Shiren Valley to the south of Fenghuangtai. By the cableway, you can enjoy red maples, watching life-like stone monkeys. When reaching the Yuhuang Peak, which is 2,153 meters above sea level, you will be intoxicated with the sea of clouds and impressed by the splendid view of mountains stretching afar to the end of the horizon.

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