Main Shopping Streets in Xinjiang

International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi 乌鲁木齐国际大巴扎

This famous commercial district on Jiefang S. Road in Urumqi City has a strong atmosphere of the folklore of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. There are restaurants and a food square serving fancy food, an amusement square and a square for outdoor performances in this marketplace built in the typical architectural style of the Uygur people. Commodities with strong features of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang are sold, including clothes, headgear, handicrafts (Hotan carpet, tapestry, Aidelais silk, embroidered skullcaps, Yingjisha knife and others), musical instruments, fruits and medicinal ingredients (snow lotus, pilose antler, glossy ganoderma and red flowers).

Erdaoqiao Bazaar Erdaoqiao Bazaar

This market on Jiefang S. Road in Urumqi City occupies an area of 8,818 square meters with a floor space of 35,000 square meters. It is a structure of typical Uygur architectural style. Main commodities sold at the market fall in more than 20,000 categories, including specialties of local ethnic minorities such as musical instruments, Hotan jade, tapestry, hand-embroidered objects, Russian wood carvings, Pakistani brass ornamental objects, silverware from the United Arab Emirates, Indian perfume and Turk carpets, and so on.

Xinjiang Folk Street 新疆民街

There is a special district in Urumqi that reveals the lives of people of various ethnic groups living in Xinjiang. In this district there are the “Ethnic Food Street”, “Ethnic Life Street”, “Eurasian Commodities Street” and “Choice Jewelry Street”. On the top floor of the Building No.4 and Building No.5 there are museums with four halls displaying models of geographical features and construction development in various prefectures, districts and cities directly under the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Hong Kong Bazaar

The outdoor market in Artux occupies a huge area and sells a great variety of goods. There are not only local handicrafts and specialties, but also goods imported from Pakistan, India, the Commonwealth of Independent States and France. On holidays the market becomes even busier and livelier.

Kashi Grand Bazaar Kashi Grand Bazaar

This marketplace on the eastern bank of the Tuman River northeast of Kashi City occupies an area of more than 80,000 square meters. It is the largest comprehensive, garden-like market in Kashi as well as in Xinjiang. Within the market there are 22 sections with more than 5,000 booths selling local specialties, Indian perfume, Pakistani vases, Iranian carpets, Russian statuettes and Uzbek scarves.

Handicrafts Street in Kashi Img214276206

The street near the Id Kah Mosque in Kashi City is lined with stores selling gold and silver objects, jewelry, musical instruments, embroidered skullcaps, small knives, furniture special to local ethnic minorities, local snacks and Uygur tea. There are also blacksmith and coppersmith shops on the street. It is a good place to buy souvenirs.

Lingxian Shopping Mall in Hami

The marketplace in the center of Hami city is one of the landmarks of Hami. The main building and buildings of the 3rd phase mainly sell high and middle class goods. There is a children amusement ground in this area. Buildings of the 2nd phase mainly sell middle and lower class goods. There are a supermarket and large franchised stores in this area. The shopping mall deals with a broad range of commodities including clothes, shoes, socks, bedclothes, gold and silver ware, jewelry, household appliances and food.

Dashizi Tourist Shopping Street

The shopping area in the southern part of Hami City mainly sells local products. Stores there display a distinct architectural feature of local ethnic minorities. A sculpture on this street further enhances the atmosphere of local lifestyle. It is a good place for Hami residents to spend their leisure time and buy things.

Jade Bazaar Hotan Jade Bazaar

The jade market in Hotan is well known far and wide. It opens on Fridays and Sundays. One can find any kind of jade from all over the world and various periods in history at the bustling market.

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