Luzhi Water Town

Located about 25 kilometers (14 miles ) east of Suzhou in east China’s Jiangsu province, and about 58 kilometers west of Shanghai, Luzhi is an old but extremely beautiful water town. Luzhi is considered the first water town in China and its history goes back to more than 1400 years.


Luzhi Water Town features the old stone bridges, peaceful canals, big maidenhair trees and old-style houses, as well as the traditional women’s costumes. Strolling through Luzhi Water Town offers a great opportunity for you to taste the life of Chinese old town. You will see how local people live their lives, people selling food, kids playing around and dogs sleeping in the sunshine, that’s just fascinating.


The most distinguished feature of the town is its numerous quaint stone bridges, which were built in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The one square kilometer (0.38 square miles) town proper once had 72 bridges built and 41 of these still exist and are well preserved. Therefore Luzhi is reputed as the ‘Museum of Chinese Ancient Bridges’. All the bridges are different in design and style, among which Zhengyang Bridge and Dongmei Bridge are considered especially noteworthy.

Another attraction to tourists is the women in Luzhi. Local women wear their traditional clothes in daily life, which is not common in other water towns. The costume is characteristically pieced together using different cotton materials in a variety of designs.


And also they comb hair coils and wear kerchiefs mainly in blue and peach red. Their shoes are exquisitely hand-made with embroidery. Women wearing folk costume, sitting in front of traditional residences or under the old maidenhair trees, are the unique scene in Luzhi.


Besides the natural beauty, Luzhi town is also famous for several historic and cultural relics, such as Baosheng temple, the Wansheng Rice Company and the White Lotus Flower Temple of the North Song dynasty.

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