Luojingpan Crater in Haikou: A Huge Colored “Compass”

Luojingpan Crater is one of the volcanic relics in the middle of dormant volcano cluster in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan. With layer upon layer, circle around circle, piece by piece, countless fan-shaped lands piling up, Luojingpan Crater is more like a huge god-made “compass” at the first glance. At a closer look, this giant “compass” is just like a well-planned garden, a piece of work by nature.

Luojingpan Crater in Haikou

Luopan (also called Luojingpan), meaning compass in Chinese, is an important tool for Fengshui masters. And such fan-shaped landscape is very rare and amazing. In prehistoric times, the volcanic eruption in north Hainan left the best-preserved volcano cluster here. As a result of the eruption and earthquake, the crust bends over and cracks up, making a wonder of nature! Maybe God feels sorry about the damage caused by the eruption, so he gives this land abundant volcanic resource: beautiful volcanoes, wonderful karst caves, a perfect eco-system, time-honored culture, and clement climate.

With an elevation of 93 meters, Luoingpan crater is a caldera featuring negative topography caused by the damages on the main body during volcanic eruption. According to geologists, hot magma explodes violently when it meets groundwater while rising up. Through such explosions, the radial pattern of Luojingpan was made. This kind of volcano is called maar volcano. Luojingpan Crater is 35 meters in depth and the inner diameter of Luojingpan Crater is about 1,000 meters, like an enormous football field. On its flat bottom, there is an 8-meter lava dome in the middle, which is the product of late-stage lava flows. Currently, the crater is closed.

A Bird's-Eye View of Luojingpan Crater

After years of living and adapting, people transform the land near Luojingpan Crater into a terraced field and turn it into a spectacular scene. In one day, as the angle of the sun changes, light and shade changes accordingly. In the sun, the optical effect produced by the terraced field of Luojingpan only makes one dazzled and charmed.

A Corner of Luojingpan Crater

Luojing Village is located at a mound near Luojingpan. Centering on the crater, the residential buildings lie close in order in radial pattern, just like a giant fengshui compass. Together, Luojing Village and Luojingpan Crater make a harmonious whole.

The Gate of Luojing Village

Travel Tips:

Luojingpan Crater is situated 6km to the south of Yongxing Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan.

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