Kunming Natural Scenery

Stone Forest

Stone Forest, the heritage and a geological park of the world, is located in the Yi Autonomous County 78 kilometers away from Kunming city proper. It is a typical karst landform of more than 200 million years ago, known as the “first wonder in the world”. Not far from the main Stone Forest area there are Li Ziqing Stone Forest and Naigu Stone Forest.

Kunming Stone Forest

Every year, around the 24th and 25th day of the sixth lunar month, the people of the Yi Ethnic Group celebrate the Torch Festival, which features traditional Yi folk dancing and wrestling competitions.

Naigu Stone Forest

Naigu, Sani language of Yi ethnic group, means “ancient and black”. Naigu Stone Forest scenic spot, about 8 kilometers from the main Stone Forest Scenic Area and with an area of 10 square kilometers, is composed of east area, west area, White Cloud Lake, White Cloud Cave and ancient battlefield. On the top of the peak a stretch of black stone sea will come into your view. If you have interest in walking in the black stone forest you may feel an atmosphere of barbarous wilderness. Even more outstanding is that there are many karst caves under the black stone forest. Now nine karst caves have been probed. It is appropriate to describe Naigu Stone Forest in these lines: Gaze into the distance from the peak, stroll across the forest and pass through the caves.

Naigu Stone Forest

Jiuxiang Cave Scenic Area

Located 90 kilometers from Kunming City, Jiuxiang is a scenic area famed for its striking karst caves, beautiful natural landscape, deep valleys, magnificent underground scenery and enchanting ethnic cultures. Covering a total area of around 200 square kilometers, the area contains more than 100 karst caves, going back some 600 million years and making it the biggest cave cluster in China. It is reputed to be “a karst cave museum.” The five major scenic spots across the area include the Triangular Caves, the Overlapping Rainbow Bridge, the Upper Big Cave, the Long Sandy Bank and the Bright Moon Lake.

Jiuxiang Karst Caves Group

Jiaozi (Sedan) Snow-capped Mountain

Jiaozi Snow-capped Mountain, in the north of Kunming City, has become famous because its main peak looks like a sedan chair, known as the first mountain in the middle Yunnan. It is famed for its beautiful scenery of sea of clouds, Buddhist halo, sunrise, ice and snow world and sea of azalea. It will become an important ecological alpine tourist area in middle Yunnan after the construction of the projects for cross-country mountaineering, scientific study, alpine sightseeing and tour, and self-driving tour being completed.

Jiaozi (Sedan) Snow-capped Mountain

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake, also known as Kunming Lake, is located at southwest of Kunming City, with an area of 300 square kilometers and a length of 40 kilometers from south to north and a width of 10 kilometers from east to west. Dianchi is famous for its vastness of 500 li. It is a fault lake on Dianzhong Plateau, nestling among green hills with the mountain and water forming a delightful contrast. Around it is the vast area of rice field and in summer people can enjoy the beautiful lotus flowers here while green poplar and willow trees in spring. There are many other places of interest and historical sites around the lake. Its picturesque scenery has attracted many poets both ancient and modern to write poems in admiration of its beautiful landscapes.

Dianchi Lake


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