Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake), Suzhou

The Jinji Lake (literally Golden Rooster Lake), which is 1.8 square kilometers larger than the West Lake in Hangzhou, used to be a branch of Taihu Lake. It was named so because legend has that a golden rooster (Jinji) once fell into a boat on the lake. Now the Jinji Lake has become a graceful park in the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). As the largest inland city lake in China, it is a symbol of the “New Paradise on Earth” in the 21st century in Suzhou.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou

With a water area of 7.4 square kilometers, the Jinji Lake Scenic Area can be divided into five functional areas, namely: Central Waterscape Area, Cultural Convention & Exhibition Center, City Touring Area, Leisure & Food Area, and Fashion & Shopping Area.

1 .Central Waterscape Area

Ferris Wheel Park – Eye of Jinji Lake

The Suzhou Ferris wheel which could reach as high as 120 meters above the lake is the largest water Ferris wheel in Asia. Its unique shape and the wonderful flashy lighting effects make it the “Eye of Jinji Lake”. The huge circular LED screen on the Ferris wheel could simulate a variety of visual effects according to different time and environment, creating a rich variety of expressions, and it is praised as the “World’s No. 1 Screen”.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Suzhou Ferris Wheel

Peach Blossom Islet and Exquisite Islet – the Heart of Jinji Lake

During the peach season, bright red fills the sky. Stepping on the “Purple Air Chamber” on the islet, you could get a panoramic view of the lake. Sitting in Peach Blossom Origin teahouse, you could hardly imagine how relaxing and wonderful it is to drink tea beside the water. The islet is also a water park: cruise ships, high-speed boats, traction umbrella, and water bike are all here. Facing the Peach Blossom Islet is the Exquisite Islet known as a paradise for birds, on which hundreds of wetlands and aquatic plants are planted,

Moonlight Dock

Located on the north bank of Jinji Lake, the Moonlight Dock integrates catering, entertainment and leisure. The layout of the Moonlight Dock is very unusual. Taking full advantage of the waterfront, it boasts 270-degree view angle. With both charming Chinese characteristics and distinct European style, the Moonlight Dock forms a delightful contrast with Ligongdi across the lake.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Moonlight Dock

Jinji Lake Water Tour

Jinji Lake water tour is great. You can take a luxurious yacht to land onto the Peach Blossom Islet, or choose the Around-the-Lake Tour to enjoy the fantastic night view of the Jinji Lake.

2. Cultural Convention & Exhibition Center

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center

The Culture and Arts Center consists of grand theatre, cinema, auditorium, business center, art hall, and green land. It is a top choice for leisure, entertainment and shopping, and becomes a new landmark of culture and arts. Here, you can enjoy the wonderful Su Show. The show, based on one day of Suzhou, promotes the Wu Culture through storytelling & ballad singing, Kunqu Opera and other folk art forms, displays the beautiful charm of Suzhou through dances, and attracts audience through recreational magic and acrobatic performances. The show lasts for about 75 minutes.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre

3. City Touring Area

Musical Fountain and Water Curtain Movie – An Exclusive View of Jinji Lake

The musical fountain and water movie screen erected at the west bank of Jinji Lake is the largest waterscape engineering in East China, integrating water curtain movie, laser show, the art of fire-breathing, music and light. With the theme of “the rhythm of water and flying songs”, it spreads 130 meters from east to west and 208 meters from south to north. Its main fountain can spout up to 108 meters.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Musical Fountain

Lakeside Avenue

The Lakeside Avenue, designed by American EDAW which took part in the design of the Disney Theme Park, extends about two kilometers. Standing beside the lake is the “Harmony Sculpture”, which is square inside and round outside. It is the representative sculpture of Jinji Lake and is the symbol of friendship between China and Singapore.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Lakeside Avenue

4. Leisure & Food Area

Ligongdi (Li Gong Causeway)

The century-old Ligongdi is the only causey in Jinji Lake, with a total length of 1,400 meters. It is a main waterfront leisure and entertainment area with various tourist resources and prosperous streets of catering and bars. Ligongdi enjoys an elegant and exquisite style. Whether seen from a distance or looked closely, it is unexceptionally beautiful. In the daytime, you can see pink walls, black tiles, clear water and white waves. The courtyard buildings are standing row upon row, and the charm of water town is expressed through the combination of the layout of ancient Suzhou-style gardens and different patterns of ancient covered bridges and stone bridges. When night falls, the bright and colorful lights outline the unique shapes of the buildings, decorating Ligongdi into a beautiful rainbow reflected on the Jinji Lake. Ligongdi has become a new landmark of landscape and leisure in Suzhou.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Ligongdi

5. Fashion & Shopping Area

Harmony Sky Curtain – the World’s First Sky Curtain

Harmony Sky Curtain is 500 meters long, 32 meters wide and 21 meters high from the ground. The giant LED sky curtain cuts across the entire Harmony Times Square, and its length exceeds that of the Las Vegas Sky Curtain, thus becoming the “World’s No. 1 Sky Curtain”. Harmony Sky Curtain, using the technology of Beijing Olympic to bring rich dreamy colors and the art of sound and light with fashionable taste, creates the spectacle of light and shadows. It is open regularly at night.

Jinji Lake (Golden Rooster Lake) in Suzhou-Harmony Sky Curtain

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