Jade Dragon Snow Mountain: An Untouched Natural Paradise

Located in the north of Lijiang Ancient Town in China’s Yunnan Province, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is famous for its ice and snow sights, altiplano and meadow attractions, virgin forest and landscape.

The mountain is often covered in clouds with just the peaks being visible. The snow covered peaks above the clouds resemble a jade dragon lying on the clouds so the mountain has been known as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Naxi people are brave to pursue true love. In Naxi language Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is “Wuluyoucuige”, which means the place for lovers that die for their love.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is also called the “Natural Glacier Museum” for it has all types of glacier. It is a sanctuary for rare animals and wild plants.

The mountain has become a famous destination for visitors who wish to do a bit of sightseeing, mountaineering, skiing, exploring, and scientific research. It is an untouched natural paradise that should not be missed.

b0e8905451368f60e3361468a26373ccThe Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is regarded as the guardian of local life for its majestic beauty and God-like presence.


The peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are shrouded in clouds after sunrise.


Standing at over four kilometers tall, the peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are covered by snow all year round.


Horses are the major means of transportation for carrying food and water supplies to the top of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.


Two women of the Naxi ethnic group dressed in colorful costumes take a photo with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the far distance.

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