International Mount Tai Climbing Festival

As one of the most famous large festivals in China, International Mount Tai Climbing Festival was launched in 1987, and is held in Sept. every year, from Sept. 6-8, in Tai’an, Shandong Province.


Chinese people have a long tradition of climbing the mountains on the ninth day of the ninth month on the lunar calendar. In ancient Chinese legends Mount Tai is the head of all mountains. Chinese people believe that climbing Mount Tai will bring them safety and peace. And climbing Mount Tai used to be very difficult until a cable car was built.


The festival attracts many mountaineering enthusiasts from home and abroad. The climbing competition is held in groups of the international or the domestic according to the participants’ nationalities, in groups of female and male, and in groups of seniors, middle-ages, and youth. The starting point is the Daizong Archway, the same for all groups, while the finishing points vary with the Mid Heavenly Gate for seniors(5 km with 591 steps), Southern Heavenly Gate for middle ages (7.7km with 5884 steps), and Yuhuang Peak for youth (8.5km with 6566 steps).


Mount Tai is well known for its profound history and cultural connotations. Over the past 2,000 years, emperors journeyed here to pay homage to heaven and earth. During the festival, you will be luck enough to have a look at the imposing imitation ceremony of the emperor’s conferring honorific title upon Mount Tai. It consolidates the primitive history and culture into the elegant art performance, and reproduces the outstanding sacrificial rite of worshiping the heaven and the earth, which seems to bring everyone back into the history

During the festival, various kinds of activities will be held, such as performances of folk arts, large theatrical performances, exhibitions of calligraphy and painting, photos and cultural relics, and economic and trade fairs.

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