How to Guard Against Altitude Sickness?

What you will be concerned about when traveling in Tibet may be the altitude sickness. On highland, the air is thin and the air contains less oxygen. If the elevation increases quickly, you will find uncomfortable. With mountain sickness, you may fell headache, dizzy, heavy breathing, tired and insomnia. Those with heart diseases or high blood pressure should be more careful.

Then, how you can guard against altitude sickness?  Here are some methods which will help.

Buy a bottle of oxygen just in case. The lack of oxygen is the main reason for altitude sickness. In many places in Tibet you can buy oxygen in bottles.

Take some medicines. Drugstores in Lhasa sell medicines for preventing altitude sickness. Or you can go to the doctor and take the medicine recommended by the doctor according to your conditions. Also you can take the water with 30 grams of brown sugar ( not white sugar) every day and pills of multi vitamins for three days. It is helpful for decreasing the chance of having altitude sickness.

The must for adapting to highland climate:

1. Doing everything slowly and taking a good rest.

2. Drinking more water.

3. Don’t catch a cold.

4. Bringing some pain-killers which don’t cause a heavy sleep.

5. Keep away from any smoke or wine.


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