Guilin Travel Guide: Lipu Fengyu Cave and Yinzi Cave

Lipu County, which is bordered by Yangshuo County in the north, is known for its green mountains, weird caves and simple and unsophisticated lifestyle. The main tourist attractions in this scenic area include Fengyu Cave and Yingzi Cave.

Fengyu Cave

It is about 16 kilometers from the county seat to Fengyu Cave. On the way, you will pass some famous scenic spots, such as the Green Mountains in Afterglow, Wolong Hill, A Beauty Watching a Lion, The Peacock Spreads Its Tail, A Golden Rooster Heralds the Break of a Day, A Camel Crossing the River, etc.

The cave got its name because the underground river in the cave is teeming with a small fish called Youfeng. The cave is 7.1 kilometers long, and goes through nine peaks. Fengyu Cave has four characteristics as follows:

  1. The land-water-air tourist route: Firstly, you will travel on the land for about 2 kilometers, then get on a boat for a 3.3-kilometer trip, and finally take a 1.8-kilometer trip by overhead train to have a nice view of the rural areas.
  2. The underground river is wide and deep. The width of the river varies from 2 to 12 meters, and the average depth is deeper than 0.6 meter. In the underground river there is an underground lake, with an area of 3,000 square meters. In the dim light, the dim stone landscape on both sides of the river will make you believe that you were in a fairyland.
  3. Fengyu Cave has several dozens of natural halls in various sizes. The largest one covers an area of 25,500 square meters, and is 46 meters high in the center. It is one of the most spacious halls featuring a large number of stalactites in the world.
  4. In the hall stands a stalagmite, 9.8 meters high, with a diameter of only 14 cm from top to bottom, known as the “Divine Needle to Subdue the Sea”. It is a rarely seen in the cave dripstones in the world.


It can be reached by taking regular bus to Lipu at Guilin General Bus Station and then taking minibus to the scenic area.

Yinzi Cave

It is on the eastern side of Lipu-Guilin Highway in Maling Town, Lipu County and is 18 kilometers from Yangshuo. Yinzi Cave is a tourist area for sightseeing, outdoor sports activities, lodging and shopping.

Like a huge potted natural landscape, the Yinzi Cave Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains and dotted by peach forests. Ancient villages built according to the mountain terrains, fields, cliffs and lakes make it famous for its poetic countryside environment. The cave goes through 12 peaks which are magnificent, weird, serene and beautiful. It gathers a wide variety of fascinating stalactites that grew up at different geological ages, of which some are glistering and transparent like silver, like diamond. Under the lights, it runs down like the Milky Way in the evening. It has been praised as a wonderful karst cave scene in the world.

Lipu Yinzi Cave

A deep, mysterious and undulating underground river runs through Yinzi Cave. The river is flanked by many picturesque scenic spots, and a boat excursion can take you to Green Lake outside of Yinzi Cave.


You can take regular bus from Guilin to Liupu, or take special bus to the scenic area at the Yangshuo Bus Station.

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