Guilin Travel Guide: Happy Rural Tours

Licun Village in Yangshuo – a Tourist Village of Civilian Residences

Located in Gaotian Town in Yangshuo (at the foot of Moon Hill), Licun Village is 74 kilometers from the city proper of Guilin. Surrounded by mountains on the four sides, Licun Village has a beautiful environment and is adjacent to the national highway, with easy accessibility.

Licun Village

In the surrounding areas of the village, with a radius of 1 kilometer, you can find numerous tourist attractions, such as the Big Banyan Tree, Jianshan Temple, Butterfly Spring, Dragon Gathering Pond, Weird Rock Palace, Yulong River, etc.

Several dozens of rural restaurants with their own characteristics are available all through the year. Mud bath in the village enjoys great popularity among Chinese and foreign tourists. It will be a great fun for you to stay overnight at farmers’ home and appreciate the clear and bright moon.

Mud Bath in Licun Village

Sheshan in Ping’an Township, Gongcheng County

This village in Ping’an Township, Gongcheng County is 112 kilometers from the city proper of Guilin and about 4 kilometers from the Gongcheng County seat.

Persimmons of Ping'an Township

Situated at the foot of a hill and beside a river, Sheshan Village is located in the green ecological orchard. You can go rafting and boating on the river, pick fruits and vegetables in the orchards and vegetable plots, go to the hill to appreciate “Book-Reading Rock”, and taste green food from the farmers’ home and enjoy the rural scenery at the wooden pavilion by the river.

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