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Located in Lingui County to the southwest of Guilin, the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is 30 kilometers from the city proper. At present, the airport has opened more than 50 international and domestic routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong and Macao as well as Japan’s Fukuoka, South Korea’s Cheju, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions.


The airport can be reached by shuttle bus which runs between the airport and Civil Aviation Building for 25 yuan and takes 30 minutes. Also you can take taxi from the downtown area to the airport for 60-80 yuan.


The Beijing-Guangzhou, Liuzhou-Guiyang, Zhicheng-Liuzhou and Hengyang-Pingxiang Railway lines go through Guilin, linking Guilin to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Kunming, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and the other major cities throughout the country.


The Guilin Railway Station (South Station) and Guilin North Railway Station are the two main railroad passenger transport stations in the city. Located on the South Zhongshan Road, Guilin South Railway Station is the main passenger station and its waiting halls can hold 150,000 passengers at the same time. The North Railway Station is situated on the suburbs and is reachable through No. 18 and No. 99 public bus.


Long-Distance Buses

Guilin has three long-distance bus terminals: the General Bus Station, Beimen Bus Station and Chengnan Bus Station. At 427 South Zhongshan Road, the General Bus Station is the main passenger transport station and has long-distance buses to cities and regions in Guangxi, Guangdong and Hunan. This station can be reached by bus No. 1, 2, 3 10 and 11.


In Guilin there are two main docks for passenger transport service: one is Mopanshan Passenger Transport Dock, the other is Zhujiang Dock which is 32 kilometers (about 20 miles) southeast of the city center and two-kilometers (about 1.2 miles) by waterway from Mopanshan Dock. Zhujiang Dock is mainly designed for foreign tourists. Every year more than 300,000 tourists take the cruise ship from Zhujiang Dock to travel along the Li River. (Read A Boat Trip Down the Lijiang River for more details)

Tourist Buses

Tourist buses to all the tourist attractions in the city proper are available in Guilin. Such tourist buses are imported luxury minibuses, which run around the city. The bus fare is 2 yuan each. You can get on or get off at any stop. There is a guide on the bus to offer related services.

The bus route: Tian’etang – Railway Station – long-distance bus station – Elephant Trunk Hill Park – Lijiang Theater – Wave Taming Hill Park – Arts Museum – Tian’etang.

Running hours: 07:00-22:00, with an interval of 20 minutes


Taxis are plentiful in Guilin and are the most convenient way to get around the city. Most taxis in Guilin are Santana, Jetta or Citroen. The minimum fare is 9 RMB, which is about $1.50. It is hard to run up a fare above $5 unless you are going well outside the city, such as a trip to the airport. Most of the taxi drivers do not speak English. Therefore, you will need to have your destination written in Chinese characters before entering the cab in order to avoid misunderstandings if you do not speak Chinese.

Public Buses

The city proper of Guilin has convenient transport facilities, with public buses going to all the tourist attractions, commercial centers and main residential quarters. All the public buses in Guilin do not have conductors, those running in the city proper charge 1.2 yuan a person; those running to the suburbs charge 1.5 yuan; the air-conditioned buses charge 2 yuan. For the buses to the outer suburbs, the prices will be charged according to the distance.


It is very convenient to tour the city proper by tricycles. For the charge, you can negotiate with the driver.


It is a good idea to rent a bicycle for tours to the city proper. Bicycles are available in large hotels or on main roads. Fares are charged on hours or days.

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