Guilin Merryland: the Largest and Most Popular Theme Park in Guangxi

Lying by Linghu Lake in Xing’an County, about one hour drive from Guilin, Merryland is the largest theme park in Guangxi. It integrates sightseeing, leisure and holiday facilities, including Merryland Theme Park, a golf club, Merryland Holiday Hotel, and Forest Village.

Guilin Merryland

Merryland Theme Park is composed of several scenic areas, including China Town, the Western Area of the United States, Fantasy World, Pirate Village, South Pacific Ocean, Harbor On-water Amusement Park, etc.

Guilin Merryland Theme Park

The main architectural structure in China Town is the Great Wall, and the main recreational facilities include computer-controlled Rapid Movements based on the plots of the movies, Music Carriages, etc.

The recreational items in the Western Area of the United States include going boating along rapids, cowboys show, crack gunners, a small pasture, etc. The simulated Grand Canyon in Colorado in the United States is 400 meters long, with lots of rapids and whirlpools created by high-tech means. People on a kayak will drift down the manmade river, bumping all the way.

Guilin Merryland Theme Park-2

Fantasy World consists of the ghost house, remote-controlled boats, crazy buses, and the Happy Theater. Songs and dances of different ethnic groups all over the world are performed at the Happy Theater regularly everyday. The theater can hold 1,000 people, and has amusement rooms and toy rooms for children.

In Pirate Village, you can find a sea rover, a market by the harbor, and wine buckets. The sea rover often attracts lots of people. Hung in the air 17 meters from the ground, the sea rover keeps swaying, with 140 degrees at maximum, and you can experience the life in the midst of a raging storm.

In South Pacific Ocean Area, you can enjoy the foreign scenery, customs and lifestyle, such as bright sunshine, sea beaches, tropical fish, coconut trees, shells, songs sung by enthusiastic girls in praise of the ocean, hula (a Polynesian dance), and so on. You can also go surfing here. When an airship rushes down from a place over 10 meters above the ground, it will throw up glittering fan-shaped foams, creating a magnificent and unusual sight.

Guilin Merryland Theme Park-4

Harbor On-water Amusement Park features European-style landscapes, and the main recreational project here is bungee jumping.

Guilin Merryland Theme Park-3

By the Linghu Lake, Forest Village is a comprehensive tourism area, consisting of wooden houses, campsite area and a forest amusement ground. In the forest amusement ground, you can find thunderbolt speedy vehicles, manmade grass-sliding land, climbing facilities, small and quiet paths for lovers, Camellia Valley and elegant Matchmaker Pavilion. On Linghu Lake, there is the longest wind-and-rain bridge of the Dong people in the country, 108 meters in length. The bridge was built with tenons, devoid of nails, adding radiance and beauty to the gaily-painted pleasure boat.

The wind-and-rain bridge of the Dong people on Linghu Lake


You can take special bus to Merryland Theme Park at Guilin South Railway Station or take shuttle bus to Merryland at Guilin General Bus Station.

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