Guilin Local Specialties

Guilin has many well-known local products such as Shatian shaddock, summer orange, Grosvenor momordica, gingko and Lipu taro. Also Guilin has handicrafts including paper fans from Yangshuo and hand-drawing screens. Known as the “three treasures” of Guilin, Sanhua liquor, preserved bean curd and thick pepper sauce have been well known local products since ancient times.

Guilin Sanhua Liquor Guilin Sanhua Liquor

Brewed with water from the Lijiang River, Sanhua liquor is the representative of all kinds of liquors produced in Guangxi. The local people like to add Sanhua liquor when preparing dishes.

Preserved Bean Curd Guilin Preserved Bean Curd

Made with soybeans, preserved bean curd produced in Guilin contains high protein and amino acid, and is well received by diners.

Thick Pepper Sauce Guilin Thick Pepper Sauce

Made with Chaotian and Niujiao peppers produced in Guilin, thick pepper sauce may be served as a dish or a seasoning. Adding some of pepper sauce to food can get rid of peculiar smell and fatness.

Dried Bean Milk Cream in Tight Rolls 3912155A6B8C713E32B206C7FE7E88F1

Dried bean milk creams in tight rolls produced in Guilin have enjoyed a reputation of being No. 1 among all the vegetarian foods. Light yellow in color, the bright, crisp and hollow rolls, they can be made into various kinds of dishes by frying, stewing, stir-frying and braising. The local restaurants prepare a wide variety of dishes with dried bean milk creams in tight rolls, so do the ordinary people in Guilin.

Grosvenor Momordica Yongfu Grosvenor Momordica

It is a product peculiar to Guilin. Grosvenor momordica can help relieve internal heat, moisture the lungs, improve the liver and spleens, prevent the respiratory tract from being inflected and resist cancer. In daily life, the fruit can be used as a seasoning to prepare tonic soup. Adding half of the fruit to meat or broth will make the dish taste naturally sweet, delicious and fresh. Grosvenor momordica can also be made tea.

Watermelon Frost 20090509172405-262877534

Watermelon frost, also known as Xiguashuang, can help relieve internal heat, remove a swelling and stop a pain. This frost has been used to treat throat and oral diseases for more than 200 years. The Sanjin Watermelon Frost throat-moistening pills and spray agent have been sold well throughout the country, which is called the “No. 4 treasure of Guilin”.

Lipu Taros Lipu Taros

Originally produced in Lipu County, Lipu taros were tributes to the imperial family in Chinese history. With red-brown color and areca grains, Lipu taros are the favorite food of the Guilin people because of their good taste. And they are my favorite food as well. Highly recommended!

Yangshuo Paper Fans Yangshuo Paper Fans

Yangshuo produces a wide variety of paper fans in different sizes. With bamboo ribs, and Xuan paper (a high quality rice paper made in Xuancheng or Jingxian County of Anhui Province) or silk face, all the Yangshuo fans are hand made through painting, dyeing, mounting and other procedures. The largest fan is as tall as a man, and the smallest one is less than one chi (3 chi equal to 1 meter) in height. The fans are generally painted with the beautiful landscapes of Guilin and are sold at favorable prices.

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